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Make it illegal to run over a cat and not stop to report it.Upon doing so, the cat is to be scanned and family notified, not thrown in the freezer or disposed of as vets and councils are known to do.

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We live on a small road that people often choose to race down. My cat was run over twice but didn't make it the second time. My sister's dog was also killed this way and a few children have been hit over time.

We are all distraught and he left behind a grandmother, mother, brother and a friend, our loving dog. Cats on roadsides are becoming a sight more often, they are just as much a man's best friend as dogs are.

Dogs are protected by the Road Traffic Act. Drivers must stop and give their details to the pet's owner or report the incident within 24 hours.

It's not a matter of making it an offence but it could give closure to the family, or time for emergency care should the cat need it.

After being reported, cats should then be scanned so owners can be notified. We are hearing too many stories of vets and councils disposing of cats without being checked. This in return will encourage responsible pet owning and micro-chipping.

Please sign this important cause and have cats protected, the law needs to be changed.

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