Save Elyria's Family Birthing Center!

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As many of you know, UH announced the scheduled closure of the Family Birthing Center & OB Department in Elyria. This isn’t just a unit in a hospital. This is a group of amazing nurses that care for us, that have sat with us, cried with us, supported us, and encouraged us. It’s a group of renowned lactation consultants that have dedicated their time to help countless mothers feed their babies, and also support and comfort women as they adjust to motherhood with each new baby. These ladies, quite literally, save lives every day. Elyria is a baby friendly hospital with a level 2 nursery and access to a neonatologist. This center benefits the entire Lorain county community and beyond. It’s a resource in our community that mothers and babies have depended on for generations. Removing this center will affect many families who rely on it to be successful in their parenting journey.

We must keep this hidden gem and it's wonderful staff in Elyria. I believe hearts and minds can be changed. I believe our voices can make a difference. Please speak up with me and my family. We must keep this facility for the future parents and babies of Lorain County; they are an invaluable resource. 

After you sign, please email your story and plea to Kristi Sink (President of UH Elyria) at