Reinstate Club Sports at UConn

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During the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Connecticut has allowed NCAA Spring Sports to compete this year. UConn athletes are practicing daily and traveling all over the country to compete. While we appreciate this decision to support the NCAA level athletes, we are frustrated that the University has decided to cancel EVERY Club Sport program for the entire year.  

As we are all aware, sports are safely starting up all over the country- at the youth level, high school level, and collegiate level.  It takes hard work, flexibilty, and problem solving.  People all over the country are finding ways to get sports back safely and athletes everywhere are enjoying practicing and competing in the sport they love.  UConn has done this successfully with their NCAA Sports Programs.  As COVID rates continue to drop, we ask that UConn show Club Sport athletes consideration by working with each team to figure out how to safely get them back practicing and competing immediately.  Waiting to restart next year does not help the seniors who will never get the opportunity to play again. We ask the Department of Student Affairs and Club Sports Program to reinstate Spring Club Sports and to create ways for the athletes to compete safely in his/her sport this season.  Please show your support for the UConn Club Sport athletes by signing this petition.