Get Ubisoft to put Just Dance 2021 on the Wii

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Ubisoft has officially confirmed that they aren't planning on releasing anymore Just Dance games for the Wii after Just Dance 2020 released in November of 2019. We need to change this. 

Assuming the Wii continues to get Just Dance games added to it for even two more years, it will surpass the PS2 as the longest lifespan for a console. Just Dance has been the only physical Wii release for the past 3 years and currently no company is planning any more games for Wii. 

The Wii deserves to go down in history not only by getting to be the longest-lasting console but by giving it not just one Just Dance the Wii U doesn't have, but multiple. Because in the end, the Wii is a special system and it can go down in a chariot of glory with just a few more Just Dance releases.