Support legislation to keep dialysis patients insured. Tell Congress to pass H. R. 3976.

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Low-income Americans with high-cost chronic conditions, like kidney disease, often require charitable assistance to pay for their health insurance premiums. But some insurance companies are refusing to accept payments from non-profit organizations. This puts low-income and financially struggling patients at risk of losing their insurance.

Patient advocates for the American Kidney Fund started a petition to help address this crisis. We are fighting to ensure that all kidney dialysis patients can maintain access to their life-saving treatment. The Access To Marketplace Insurance Act would do just that, and we are calling on Congress to pass it into law.

The Access to Marketplace Insurance Act, was introduced in the House of Representatives last October. The bill would require insurance companies to accept payments from nonprofit organizations like the American Kidney Fund that serve people who are living with serious health conditions and need charitable assistance to stay insured.

Now Congress must take the next step and pass this legislation to ensure that ALL low-income Americans living with chronic conditions can keep their insurance and get the care they need.

Please sign and share this petition calling on Congress to vote on this vital legislation right away.