Congress: Stop President Trump's SNAP Cuts and allow Food Stamps to be Used Online

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Here's what you need to know-

  1. President Trump wants to slash funding for food stamps. His new budget replaces SNAP benefits with a government-picked shipping box of nonperishable food. As a result, 16 million poor households are on the brink of losing control over their diets. The plan is inhuman and inefficient.
  2. To fight back, We’re announcing, a Zero Profit Grocery Store built exclusively for food stamp recipients and people in food deserts. We’re going to bring groceries, at cost, to families affected by the President’s measure. 
  3. We’re petitioning Congress to reject the President’s budget proposal and to finally allow food stamps to be used online. We need your help!


Here's why this matters so much-

The President’s plan is fundamentally flawed. The problems with this proposal are large and plenty- For families on food stamps, meals will now be picked by Congress. The plan assumes that recipients are incapable or unwilling to make the right decisions and it punishes them based on that assumption.

The plan takes away families’ purchasing power to buy nutritious food. And it makes the situation worse with a box that has huge nutritional, logistical and economic issues. The boxes won’t come with any fresh food, a fundamental unit of balanced nutrition. Even worse, the nutrition of these boxes is completely standardized, regardless if you’re a 12-Year-Old boy in South Texas or an 89-year-old Grandmother in Alaska.

As anyone in our industry can tell you, shipping food is not easy. And when you build a completely new program for 41 Million people, those challenges get amplified. The Government is undertaking an expensive, inefficient and impossible infrastructure project. Even if it’s successful pulling the logistics off, we will still be stuck with an inhuman and inefficient program. Even if the Government wins, people lose.

We need your help! Sign this petition to urge Congress to reject the President’s budget proposal and to finally allow food stamps to be used online. 

Hunger is not a choice. But Compassion is.

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