Justice for Ke'Asia Andrea Adkins

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Ke'Asia Andrea Adkins age 17. was reported missing on June 25,2018, and her body was found behind the home of her grandmother whose home she was living at the time with her mother  in Dinwiddie County Virginia .When her body was found she was buried in a shallow grave covered with leaves and 2 black trash bags was zipped tied over head and being that it was 100 degree weather her face started decaying which made her face unrecognizable.

Her cousin Anton Deonte Coleman was arrested and charged with her murder. There was trial that was held in DINWIDDIE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT which resulted in a mistrial. Coleman is now being held at the mental hospital in DINWIDDIE VIRGINIA ( CENTRAL STATE HOSPITAL) to be restored back to competence stand the next trial.

There are so issues that has arisen out of this whole ordeal. The commonwealth attorney of Virginia DINWIDDIE COUNTY Ann Baskerville did a very poor job with the representation of the case for Ke'Asia, which raises is grounds for prosecution misconduct.

Ke'Asia lived a very active life, she was a cheerleader, soccer player, dancer, color guard member, and she worked at the local Burger King in Dinwiddie Virginia.

Anton who allegedly has a history of violent behavior brutally murdered his cousin hid her body to cover up his actions. Coleman previous violent behaviors should had been addressed when he was arrested by the CHESTERFIELD COUNTY POLICE for assaulting his mother and stepfather. Because Coleman has mental health issues, which Chesterfield County Judicial System failed by releasing him back into society when at that time he was displaying Violent Behavior and Mental Health issues. By releasing him back into to society to kill his cousin.

There should be a law in place that will not allow individuals who are displaying violent and serious mental health issues to be released back into society. If a law is place this will save a lot people lives . I am asking that this matter be looked into because it is not fair that the family and friend of Ke'Asia Adkins have grieve and suffer over her senseless murder because Coleman was released back into to society to without being properly evaluated.

Ke'Asia did not deserve to be killed by COLEMAN. She was a daughter, a sister, a niece, a goddaughter, grandchild, and a friend to over 200 of her 2020 graduating class of Dinwiddie County High School. 

Mental health is an issue that society turns a blind eye to . But that should be the case when there are individuals in this world that need to be treated for this serious condition. If Coleman would have not been released out on bond to society for assaulting his mother and stepfather Ke'Asia would be alive today. Chesterfield County Judicial System is responsible for releasing him when he should have been getting treatment for the mental health issues that he was displaying at the time of his arrest. Instead he was released on a home electronic house arrest monitor, and while he was released on the house arrest monitor he committed murder.

I understand that everyone has the right to refuse medication. But also as a citizen of the United States of America we the family and friends of Ke'Asia Adkins to be free of hurt harm and danger. Also the Constituion of America states that Ke'Asia had certain unalienable rights among these were LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPINESS. Which Coleman took from her when he killed her.