Fight for the Endangered Species Act

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Trump has just launched the most dangerous attack ever made by a president on the Endangered Species Act.

Trump’s proposal will scale back critical protections for species listed as threatened. It will make protecting new species under the Act even more challenging. It will remove language that ensures wildlife protection is prioritized over profits—a give-away to greedy corporations that view our public lands and waters as profit centers.

Think about what's at stake. Without the Endangered Species Act, wolves wouldn't be roaming the Rocky Mountains, grizzly bears wouldn't be in Yellowstone, bald eagles wouldn't be flying from coast to coast. The Act today is a lifeline for more than 1,000 animals and plants, from polar bears and ice seals to the dusky gopher frog and Hawaiian petrels.

We know what happens when imperiled species lose protections: they get shot, trapped, poisoned out of existence. Yellowstone grizzly bears lost protections last year last year, now they might be hunted outside of the national park. Wolves can now be shot in their dens on some national refuges.

The Endangered Species Act has saved 99 percent of the species it protects from extinction. When animals lose protections too soon, or never get protected at all, they’re pushed faster toward extinction, and some even end up as wall mounts or pelts for living room floors.

Demand that Trump and Congress uphold the Endangered Species Act, the bedrock law that saved our country's wolves, grizzlies and bald eagles.

Too many species — birds, fish, frogs, wolves, bears and whales — are counting on us.

Join our resistance — sign our petition to stop the attacks on the Endangered Species Act and to save this law.

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