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Charge The False-Accuser of Murdered Teen (Emmett Till) With Perjury + Any Relevant Crimes

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Imagine your young teen child goes out to the store one day, minding his own business, and he never comes back home again...

Instead, imagine that, some time later, you're identifying his body...but he's been so badly beaten, and sadistically tortured, until DEATH that you cannot even recognise the face of your own precious child. His face so mangled, his body so broken, that his own eye left its socket, his body then dragged by his killers and dumped, like garbage out in the hot sun to be fed on by in the river. Imagine what it would've been like for your own child, after being kidnapped by his sadistic killers, in those final hours leading to his death, how, like any child or young person might, he would have thought about his mother, how he would've called out to you, for you, how he would've begged and wished that you could've been there, that you could've saved him.

Imagine that your child's face was so mangled, his body so broken, that his own eye left its socket.

Imagine his body, one that you remember nursing and tending and growing and nurturing ever since he was a boy, being dragged by his killers and then dumped, like GARBAGE out in the hot sun until he began to decompose and decay in the river.

Imagine that your child's killers then boasted and joked to a national magazine (LOOK Magazine) about how they slaughtered, tortured and then put a bullet hole clear through his 14-year-old skull.

Imagine that the sight of his open casket at his funeral being so traumatising to see, due to the severity of his injuries, that funeral attendees faint from absolute shock because of how badly he'd been sadistically beaten, savagely tortured and slain.

Can you even imagine, do you even dare?...

Now imagine that what led to your child's murder was all based on a LIE.

One big lie that resulted in his heinous torture and death.

Imagine that decades later the person who told the lie, admitted to telling this lie.

Imagine that they admitted that it WAS a LIE and imagine how you would feel about that? That this person lied, fabricated a story, besmirched your child's good reputation and name, and that those lies resulted in his death. Imagine that the liar continued to go about their business without a care in the world, that this person maintained the lie for decades and decades afterwards, never once clearing it up by revealing the truth, and that they even assisted in the creation of a novel about your child's murder...yet, they never saw any repercussions for having lied in a court of LAW about the events proceeding your child's kidnap, torture and brutal murder?

Imagine you could see to it that this liar finally faced the enormity of their lies and that they were made to face justice in a court of law? Well sign this petition and that can finally occur!

The mother of this murder victim never lived to hear the truth of what happened to her child that day, never lived to hear her teen boy's false-accuser recant and ADMIT her disgusting lies about him...but you and I can see to it that the individual whose lies led to his murder (Carolyn Bryant Donham) can and WILL be charged with any, and all, relevant charges in relation to her aforementioned lies in this case, once and for all.

No-one should be able to lie in a court of law and makeup witness testimony just like that, especially where it led to the despicable torture and sadistic murder of a teen kid who never got a chance to clear his name.

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