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  • ●  Help Us Stop false statements and lying on Doctors, Nurses, and Patients by Bad Cops and stop using doctors' staff as Confidential Informants to set-up innocent practitioners and incriminate doctors;
    ●  Help Us Stop
    the police from tampering with evidence, false reports, manufacturing evidence, bullying, harassing, and retaliating against Health Care Providers; 
    ●  Help Us Stop 
    investigative misconduct before it gets out of control and hold all Crooked State Police and Prosecutors accountable for violating Due Process and Constitutional rights of the people;
  • EXAMPLE OF STATE POLICE MISCONDUCT: The Texas Medical Board Police sued for making Massive False Reports, Retaliations, Perjury, Tampering with evidence, Concealing evidence, Harassing employees, Threatening harm, and even controlling the judges Texas Medical Board.
  • CAN A CIVILIAN POLICE COMMITTEE HELP: A civilian police review committee will help Doctors and Nurses be treated fairly by the police and prevent DOJ bullies from violating Nurses & Doctors' Rights Police Review Commission.
  • DOCTORS AND NURSES ARE TARGETED: Police and DEA officials are targeting of thousands of Doctors and Patients with Chronic Pain. Sickle Cell patient's life span has dropped from 45 down to 32 years of life. The DEA, Attorney General, Medical Board, and the Judges are all "Paid-Off" by special interest groups (60 Minutes Investigation). Take a look at the senseless arrest of Nurse Alex Wubbles by two rogue police officers recently in Utah. 
  • ILLEGAL DRUGS ARE NOT PRESCRIPTIONS: China and other countries are shipping tons of deadly prescription drugs to this country but the Mainstream Media and government agencies are intentionally ignoring the "REAL" killer of American People. China ships enough illegal drugs to kill 32 million U.S. citizens weekly. 
  • American Pain Institute (API)
  • National Pain Patient Coalition (NPPC)
  • World Sickle Cell Federation (WSCF)
  • Black Doctors Matter (BDM)
  • Doctors Of Courage (DOC)
  • Juneteenth National Holiday (JNH)


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