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Uruzgan, Malistan and Jaghori districts in Afghanistan are under constant brutal attacks by the terrorist group Taliban and the Afghan government are not doing enough to stop them. More than 100 civillians including women and children have been brutally murdered in recent attacks which started in Urozgan-e-khas on 28th October 2018. After killing 63 civilians in the first week, the assault then moved on to Jaghori & Malistan killing & misplacing innocent civilians. The extent of the attack was very severe as the Taliban had been preparing for the attack on Hazaras in advance. They had gathered huge number of trained Taliban militants armed with advanced weaponry with night vision in the neighbouring Pushtun populated areas. At first the President of Afghanistan described the attack as an”inter-ethnic-conflict” meaning that armed Talibans represented Pushtuns whereas the innocent civillians under attack represented Hazaras. The NATO Forces and the Afghan government did nothing to protect the civillians living in those areas at first untill the people demonstrated in Kabul near the presidential place refusing to leave untill the government had acted to protect the civillians in the affected areas. 

According to recent BBC news report over 60% of people from these areas have left their homes & belongings and travelled to Other areas of Afghanistan eg Kabul, Bamyan etc in search of safety. The people remaining in the affected these areas are suffering days & nights defending their families with limited weapons in the fight against the Taliban. 

 For the past 18 years with the presence of NATO forces in Afghanistan Hazara people have been supporting the new Afghan government alongside Tajiks, Uzbeks, some Pushtuns and other smaller ethnicities in the hope of a better future free from war and violence. Hazaras surrendered their weapons and concentrated on education and participated in the developments of Afghanistan and have been promoting peace and unity with the hope that one day All Afghans will accept each others as brothers & sisters. Unfortunately the Afghan government has always seen Hazaras as a minority group and have done nothing to protect them. Its clear to the Nato forces and to the Afghan government that there has been systemic killing of Hazaras just for the sake of being  Hazara. Extremist groups like Taliban and ISIS have stopped buses and cars in the past and taken out Hazaras and slaughtered them for no reason. 

As part of the systemic killings now the once most peaceful areas such as Malistan, Jaghori and Uruzgan have been under constant Taliban attacks since 28th October 2018 killing more than 100 civillians which include women and children.

We request the American, the UN and all NATO partner countries to step in and save lives. To raise awareness Hazaras have been organising several peaceful protests in the past always abstaining themsevles from any forms of violence as we believe no one deserves to be harmed in anyway. Unfortunately now the systemic killing has gone that far that even the peaceful protests are under constant suicide bombing attacks. On Monday 12th November 2018 a suicide bomber detonated himself during a peaceful protest in Kabul killing 6 people and injuring over 20 people. Hazaras believe in humanity and equality amongst all humans around the world but what a shame that some violent groups like Taliban are after ethnic cleansing of Hazaras. 

Recently more troops have been deployed by the government in the affected areas but people are worried that once troops return back to Kabul the Taliban will return and this time it will result in a much worse humanitarian disaster. 

Our demands are as follows:

a) Protection of people in the areas under attack (Oruzgan, Jaghori & Malistan), 

b) Extensive military operations against the Taliban to clear the Taliban presence from these areas and the adjacent neighbouring areas to allow the thousands of misplaced families to return home, 

C) Creation of permanent military bases in these areas to defend the innocent people against future Taliban Attacks.

 Please help us become the voices of these people to request the US and NATO forces to act sooner to protect those innocent civilians. 

Thank you

 There has been several demonstrations all over the world trying to get our voices heard. Some of which can be accessed by the following links. 

 Long Walk of Justice for Hazaras #LWJ4Hazaras
This is a group of people who started their demonstration by starting to travel by foot from Malmo Sweden to NATO Headquarters in Brussels

 20th November 2018. Another day of demonstration in Sweden.

 Demonstration at night outside Arg(the presidential place) in Kabul،12th November 2018

Demonstration in Vienna Austria
Demonstration outside UK Ministry of defence, Mass Lobby organised by Hazara Council UK (21st November 2018) #IstandWithHazara