No Discrimination in USAID - Fire Bethany Kozma and Mark Kevin Lloyd.

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This petition originally called for the firing of Merritt Corrigan, Bethany Kozma and Mark Kevin Lloyd after a June 5 ProPublica article. Merritt Corrigan has been fired! But our demands continue for John Barsa and USAID to go beyond lip service to minority communities and remove Mark Kevin Lloyd and Bethany Kozma from their posts. Bethany Kozma, a former anti-transgender activist, according to ProPublica, wrote in 2016 that transgender girls are boys “claiming gender confusion”. Mark Kevin Lloyd, "religious freedom adviser", has "made and shared several Islamophobic posts on his personal social media accounts" including calling Islam “a barbaric cult” according to the Washington Post. Our representatives must remove Mark Kevin Lloyd and Bethany Kozma from all public office.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), authorized by congress in the Foreign Assistance Act, is an independent agency of the United States federal government. It supplies aid to over 100 countries and manages more than half of all U.S. foreign assistance. Its own brand mark declares that USAID is "From the American People". We, as such people, will not allow discriminatory individuals to staff such a significant and international federal agency.

In a statement released on June 4, 2020, USAID Acting Administrator John Barsa said the following:

"USAID is proud to support the human rights of LGBTI people through the integration of inclusion and nondiscrimination principles into our policies and programming, and through programs that specifically address anti-LGBTI violence, discrimination, stigma, and criminalization."

If John Barsa wants USAID to live up to his description, he will not stand for the appointment of transphobic and Islamophobic employees. As the USAID falls under guidance of the President, Secretary of State, and the National Security Council, we also demand all officials in each of these positions publicly denounce and do everything in their power to remove Corrigan and Kozma from their positions and any public office.

It is time for government officials to go beyond paying lip service to the people of the United States. They must uphold the ideals they tout by using their power to keep our federal offices free of discriminatory individuals.

Please also contact USAID directly and call their main line at: 202-712-0000. The hyperlink for Bethany Kozma is a mailto link for her email listed under the USAID Staff Directory. The hyperlink for John Barsa is his twitter, you can also message him directly on instagram. At this time, no contact information for Mark Kevin Lloyd has been found.