Justice For Enrique Roman Martinez

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Another Young Hispanic Soldier, SPC Enrique Roman Martinez was brutally murdered by Soldiers who were supposed to be his battles. Enrique’s body was dismembered and thrown into the Atlantic Ocean over Memorial Day weekend. His partial remains were recovered after a week after they washed up on a beach near Cape Lookout but no arrests have been made despite obvious discrepancies in the stories with him. Worse yet, every one of the soldiers were with Enrique that weekend we’re from the same Army unit, 37th Brigade Engineer Battalion at Fort Bragg. SOMEONE, RATHER MULTIPLE SOMEONES IN THAT UNIT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ENRIQUE. No memorial ceremony has been placed. Enriques body has not been returned to his family so they can give him a proper funeral. You’ve rallied justice for PFC Guillén, now i’m begging you to rally justice for SPC Roman. Please Repost and spread awareness about him.  Thank you so much!