Stop Twitter from overusing Bots in their help and support and moderation section

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First of all, i want to address to All Twitter users that help and support for Twitter is very very lacking. As you all know i have made a petition once to unsuspend @MystoganMiku but so far it only has 20+ supporters which is not convincing, but today i made a new Petition which is going to ask Twitter to make live support and reduce their reliance on bots in their help section.

As you may have heard from me or other Twitter users that has been banned, they have tried their best to restore their accounts by going to and filing an appeal to unsuspend their accounts but Twitter on replies with Due to your account being used for malicious use we cannot restore it but clearly that it is not for some Twitter uses like mine (both @MystoganMiku and a newly created one named @Bred4Tsar)

Yes, i know you might wonder why use the name Bred4Tsar? the reason for that is that i ran out of ideas and used that and i got instantly suspended and i did the whole process all over again and i want to change the username but Twitter's ' help ' bots only throw me back to square one.

The process of these Twitter Help Bots are simple: 

  1. if you don't have a spare Twitter account but you only have 1, you need to go to help.twitter account and file an appeal which takes a few hours in fact and they will send you questions if your email and phone number is fully your or not. You answered Yes but then you received that your Twitter account cannot be restored due to reasons which might or might not be according to your actions.
  2. if you have a spare Twitter account, you tweeted to @TwitterSupport but they ended up not replying which means that it is clearly a bot and nobody is controlling it and you will go to Step 1 (above) and then go to Step 3 (below this one)
  3. if the things above didn't help you you might go and call Twitter phone number which is +1 415-222-9670. I and some other people already did that but Twitter said Twitter does not facilitate customer support via telephone  which means that Twitter also does not have live customer support via telephone.

That is why i made this petition. I want Twitter to Know that by using bots and not real people in Customer Support will not solve any of your users problems and this is REALLY REALLY CRITICAL

People keep buying new phone numbers daily because people can report other people's twitter account easily and Twitter's algorithm and it could be misused for that purpose and some people ended up as victims and can't get their account back because they are stuck in an endless loop of sending appeal after appeal and ended up in the same results .


The solution for this is to make Twitter stop over depending on bots and make sure that Twitter Users get the help they deserve.


me and the creator of this article are having the same problem which is Twitter overusing bots and they don't have live support via phone call


I want to address Twitter to end this never ending loop and make Twitter a great social media for anyone and make sure that this must never happen again and Twitter must have a live support so that victims or anyone who has their account reported can tell the full story and reason of why their account got suspended and reasons why they want their account restored.

That is all and i hope we can resolve this problem soon


@MystoganMiku, @Bred4Tsar and other Users of Twitter that wants their accounts restored that feels mistreated due to Twitter Bots

Update 2019-10-05: Twitter gave back my @Bred4Tsar account which i renamed into [Redacted] (since Twitter would suspend it again due to " suspicion of evading suspension " )