twitch moderation gone too far

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Hello everyone. My name is Alexander and i'm a streamer.

This petition created to try to make Twitch a comfortable and SAFE place to stream like it was before. Not so long ago twitch asked for a help from community to help them with Artical 13, but basicaly by their actions they say we dont care about our streamers and anyone else. Nowadays moderation on twitch has huge rights to ban streamers without even giving them chance to explain things. And ban reasons and methods are so subjective. For example I never thought that its possible that your twitch channel will be banned without any violations from you, but i was wrong. I got banned for using word that sounds familiar with offensive word but its not, and never meant offensive way. Moderation thaught that it did and even if they asked me and watched my vid more that 10 seconds they could clearly see that, basicaly to describe this situation in english that's what happend. Imagine you playing game and fighting with the bosses and you saw a bunch of maggots and said "OH MY GOD THOSE MAGGOTS" after that you can be banned if someone will report your channel in certain way and moderation won't even ask you or watch the video in its entirety. In my case i basicaly said 'hivcancer' during the boss fight cause i was caughing for a months straight (still caughing btw) and its the word for a magical sickness in CIS region that impossible to cure. Basicaly word Speedrun in russian can be interpreted as offensive word to homosexual people too. Moderation gone too far.

Whole CIS twitch region is very concern about that situation cause in every language there is so many sounds alike words that can be interpeted in any way by moderation. And all streamers are siting on a huge volcano named twitch which can blow up and block your channel (your life if you are a full time streamer liker me) for no reason.

This is not how it should be, im not saying that moderation is not needed, cause twitch become more clean these days for sure, but we definetly need to create a different mecanism. It's basicaly like execution or witch hunting from twitch side. Let me suggest few wise ideas:

Add a list of prohibited WORDS that u cant use like it's done with prohibited games. Involve streamers into discussions before banning them. Now it looks like "Hey, Im twitch, YOU BANNED for a x days haHAA". You can try to appeal this but it takes so much time and you cant stream you cant do anything AND the main reason that type of situations shoudn't even happen EVER. But that how it goes on twitch nowadays.

Streamers and viewers are main reason twitch has commercial projects, they have a huge cut from subs and cheers and by those actions they just saying " nah, we dont care about you". In those case twitch actions is totally against Consumer Bill cause all streamers and viewers is basicaly Consumers of twitch services. So i am saying dont wait when its complitely late, let's act right now.