Demanding action against antisemitism in the Tam District

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Dear Dr. Taupier and TUHSD Board Members,

We are disappointed by the lack of action taken by the TUHSD against the recent and ongoing acts of antisemitism by members of Redwood High School. Too often is antisemitism swept under the rug by Redwood and the Tam District as a whole. This form of hatred is of the same importance as racism, misogyny, and bigotry yet it is treated as inferior.  

The recent email sent out by the district was neither appropriate nor sufficient given the extremities of the situation. The email focused too much on the history of antisemitism and the actions of the community rather than the action plan of the district. We understand that freedom of speech is an important constitutional right of all students, however, as stated in the Tam District Handbook under section BP/AR 5125.1, “student freedom of expression shall be limited by law in order to maintain an orderly school environment and to protect the rights, health, and safety of all members.” Our safety is threatened by the list and the pictures posted by the student. The list of Jewish students paired with the image of the swastika and the bullet produces an uncanny resemblance to the use of lists during the Nazi Regime. The idea of going back to school with a student whose beliefs align with those of Nazis is inconceivable. We believe the “action” taken thus far by the administration has done nothing to make us feel secure and safe.  This student has gotten away with offensive behavior for far too long and this recent escalation is a direct result of the lack of attention given by the district.

We were content with how quickly the name of High School 1327 was altered and we demand that the same caliber of initiative be taken towards combating antisemitism. Clarity in regards to the TUHSD’s plan of action as well as an authentic and authoritative statement from the District must be publicly shared. By signing and writing this letter, we, the Jewish community, and our supporters are exposing ourselves to the wrath of this student as well as others who support his beliefs. This letter is our step as members of the community to stop this hate and we now ask you to use your legal power and authoritative voice to do your part. We simply want your protection and support. Whether that be by expulsion, suspension, or other disciplinary action, we need you to be transparent about the disgusting nature of the acts and be firm in your position. If nothing can be legally done to prevent these hateful acts, then the law must be changed. Until that happens, it is your duty to represent the wishes of the community so we ask you to listen and act. 

We are frightened because our names could be on that list. Immediate action is required to prevent the verbal and physiological abuse from progressing into a physical. I don’t want to be a statistic in a national news story headline about a district that failed to take preventative measures. 

Lindsay Felder, Samantha Glickman, and the Redwood Student Body