New Paltz Community requests Officer Robert Sisco be returned to full duty

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By signing this petition, we members of the New Paltz Community humbly request Officer Robert Sisco be immediately returned to full duty at the New Paltz Police Department so that he can continue to honorably serve his community as he always has.

Officer Sisco has served the New Paltz community honorably for many years and in many capacities. Officer Sisco has served on the Ulster Regional Gang & Narcotics Team for over 5 years, the longest-serving officer in New Paltz Police Department history. Officer Sisco has been awarded by the Department of Homeland Security for Narcotics investigations, awarded by the Police Chiefs Association for Meritorious Investigations, awarded by New Paltz Police Department for several long term narcotics investigations resulting in the seizure of thousands of dollars in drug money.

Officer Sisco serves with care for his fellow human beings and impacts life in our community in a myriad of positive ways. Officer Sisco always selflessly puts the needs of others’ before his own. Most recently during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Officer Sisco personally donated generously to local servers and waitstaff. He is also a loving father of 4, an owner of a small business, and he rehabilitates animals.

Officer Robert Sisco is an asset to this community.

We humbly and respectfully request Officer Sisco to be immediately returned to full duty at the New Paltz Police Department.