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                         LIFE CAN CHANGE IN AN INSTANT.

On Friday December 5, 2014, I became a widow and my life was forever altered. My husband of more than 20 years Sherman  Richardson was killed in a horrific hit and run crash thirty minutes after leaving home and heading to work.  A man who was drunk and high and speeding 80 miles per hour crashed into my husband's car forcing him off the road into a tree killing him instantly, He then fled the scene leaving my beloved husband to die alone. I found out on the internet before authorities could officially tell me.

After fleeing the scene, The offender later paid others to destroy evidence by setting the car he was driving on fire.  He never took responsibility for his inhumane actions. It took law enforcement more than nine months of persistent and diligent detective work to find and bring him to justice. To this day there is not an ounce of remorse. 

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There are thousands of cases just like Sherman’s, where lives have been shattered or families torn apart due to serious injuries and fatalities caused by hit and run drivers. 


Help us seek increased penalties for drivers who flee the scene of a crash without reporting, leaving helpless pedestrians and motorists severely injured or dead on our streets and roadways.  Often times these offenders spend minimal time behind bars, while victims are impacted for life. 

Here is where you can help:  Reach out to your local district leaders, senators and assembly members and tell them to enforce tougher laws on leaving the scene of a crash without reporting. 

You can also help by signing and sharing this petition.  By doing so you are raising awareness of this serious epidemic. You are an  important part of changing legislation and by giving your support you are giving your voice  for passage of tougher hit-and-run legislation to our lawmakers and  Governor Andrew Cuomo.

As the law stands now, the penalties for a driver leaving the scene of an incident he/she has caused are too lenient. It is to the driver’s benefit to leave to cover up reckless driving or DWI.  Some who leave are never caught, leaving a family with no justice and no closure, and if they are caught they are likely to face lower charges and minimal jail time. The current law encourages these reckless offenders to leave.

Each year for the past several years there have been numerous legislative bills that met this objective but were stalled  once they reached the Assembly Committee on Transportation in Albany.  This committee is headed by committee chair Assemblyman David Gantt (who apparently does not see the importance or urgency in  moving this critical bill forward)

Below is a an example of a bill from 2017 that met this objective. This bill  passed the senate and was  supported by more than twenty assembly members across the state of N.Y.  Again the bill was stalled at the assembly transportation committee level and expired when the legislative session ended in June, 2017.  


Passage of this legislation is the only way for the law to stop giving drivers who leave the scene of a crash a benefit for leaving.   If our politicians continue to turn their back on this issue, reckless drivers will continue to evade the law and not face the consequences of their actions.  This is a serious crime and can happen to any one of us, our family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors as we travel through our streets and roadways in the State of New York. 

The 2018 legislative session will be commencing in January 2018.  We don't have a new bill number yet, however we want to make it clear to law makers that the residents of New York are fed up and want action taken on these heinous crimes.

Again, by supporting this petition you are using your powerful "voice" to support the passage of heightened penalties for those who injure and kill pedestrians and motorists and leave them helpless on our streets and roadways.  

If you would like to share thoughts or personal stories, please write us at projectsherman2016@gmail.com


Thank you to all who have signed and to all future supporters.



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