Les Misérables Director's Cut (2012 Film)

Les Misérables Director's Cut (2012 Film)

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Miserable Fans started this petition to Tom Hooper and

Fans of Tom Hooper's blockbuster 2012 movie Les Misérables are asking for a director's cut/deleted scenes edition with never-before-seen footage to be released.

Some background: there were numerous scenes and verses of songs that were cut from the 2012 movie due to time constraints, and an over four-hour movie was cut to 2.5 hours.  Fans who are deeply passionate about this film, its storyline, and its characters are asking if it would be possible to release further footage of some of the cut scenes, as well as cut songs.  This could be done in the form of an extended director's cut and/or deleted scenes and bonus features.

A list of cut scenes are included below, and scenes which fans surveyed particularly wish to have included are marked in bold:

1. Valjean at the prison and any cut scenes with Valjean's interactions with the Bishop.

2. Any cut scenes with Fantine, specifically her death scene and I Dreamed A Dream, if applicable.

3. Unused footage of Javert pursuing Valjean, including at the hospital.

4. Any cut scenes with Little Cosette, including her meeting Valjean.

5. Unused footage from Stars/Javert by the river.

6. The Gun Run scene and any other cut scenes before the ABC Café number.

7. Any additional cut scenes with Les Amis de L'ABC, including the full version of Red and Black and Do You Hear the People Sing.

8. Unused footage of adult Cosette in her room.

9. Any cut scenes with Éponine.  Some applicable scenes might include Éponine with Marius, Éponine with Gavroche, the full Little Fall of Rain scene, unused footage of On My Own, and the Epilogue scene, if applicable.

10. Father Mabuef's death scene and any other scenes with this character.

11. The entire Drink With Me scene, including the cut solos.

12. The full Final Battle scene, including Grantaire's "Vive La Republique" line, as well as cut deaths.

13. The full Killing Fields scene at the end of the Final Battle, including when Javert walks among the students and finds Enjolras.

14. The rest of the Turning scene, and any cut material in Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.

15. Unused footage from Suddenly (reprise) and the Wedding.

16. The alternate ending.

17. Any scenes shown in the trailer that were later cut.

However, it is our hope that all, if not a majority of all cut/deleted scenes would be released for the director's cut.

It has been suggested that a cut would be available for a 2022 "ten year anniversary director's cut" but we understand that more time might be needed to compile the footage.  If another timeline is suggested, that would be welcome!  Fans are excited at the prospect of this footage being released, and so as long as it happens within a stated time frame, we would greatly appreciate it.

Fans are deeply passionate about all aspects of Les Mis: the story, the songs, the characters, and the morals it provides.  We humbly ask the directors and producers to please consider releasing a director's cut of Les Misérables!

You can contact the author of this petition through e-mail (miserablefans24601@gmail.com) or Instagram (@miserable_fans) for more information or if you have any questions.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!