Tokyo Disney Resort & USJ : Become vegan friendly park for all guests!!

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We want Tokyo Disney Resort (Disney) and Universal Studios Japan (USJ) to provide at least 1 proper vegan menu option for each restaurant!

Every year so many tourists from abroad visit Disney and USJ, but since they have almost no vegan food options in restaurants, this makes it very inconvenient for a fair amount of visitors with about 5% of them being vegan/vegetarian.
This is happening despite the fact these companies clearly state in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that diversity and concern for the environment are important principles.

A vegan visiting Disney would have to purchase an expensive all-you-can-eat buffet of which they can only take the salad. Otherwise, at only one other shop they can purchase some vegan chips and snacks, but not a proper meal. The vegan options are extremely limited. It is hard to imagine vegan customers leaving the park with good memories after struggling and failing to find proper food. There are some people who say "If you are vegan, don’t come to the theme park" or "Just bring a box-lunch." In fact, I contacted the theme parks, and I was merely told to "please bring a box-lunch." It’s unbelievable that in order to travel anywhere in Japan, vegetarians must bring their own food, but it is even worse in a theme park where everyone is there to have an enjoyable experience and should be treated equally.

With Japan hosting the 2020 Olympics, we must prepare to welcome guests of all kinds from all over the world.
However, Japan has an extreme lack of vegan/vegetarian options, so much so that even those involved in the restaurant business know very little about this lifestyle. Furthermore, Japan is considered as one of the underdeveloped nations in Asia in terms of animal cruelty.

Also, in the United Nations meeting recently, it was announced the number one cause for global warming isn’t cars, but animal husbandry. In acknowledgement of this reality and risk to our global environment, the United Nations has recommended each individuals to take action and reduce their consumption of meat and dairy related products.
If you want to be an environmentally friendly company, it would be the must to make vegan menus.

When this campaign succeeds and the two big theme parks of Japan introduce vegan menu options, the media will pick up the story and the awareness of veganism will rise in Japan. This campaign is important to gather support from abroad. To recognize diversity and become a country that accepts alternative diets and lifestyles, domestic power alone is not enough. Japan is conservative and hesitant to adopt new ideas and we need your voice from abroad to help spark change and awareness in Japan.