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UnderTale繁體中文化連署(Petition for UnderTale Traditional Chinese Version for Taiwan & HK )

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I'm an UnderTale's fan from Taiwan. In a letter from Mr. Toby Fox, the maker of UnderTale, he told me he would like to have an official Chinese version for vast  Chinese players  .

Recently the trend makes players in Taiwan and Hong Kong notice UnderTale, and some broadcasters have done the broadcasting in Chinese.

The game storms everyone's heart.

Some of our broadcasters also do interpretation of the context, but I believe people DO want to play UnderTale themselves with no language gap.  As a graduate from computer science and a translator myself, I know the most difficult task will not be the translation, but the way to present such a marvelous game into another language.

So I Start this petition, and wonder if you would like to make it happens. Do not hesitate to leave your comment (better in English)about  how you enjoy UnderTale.

我是UnderTale的台灣粉絲,先前我與原作者Toby Fox通信,得知他有製作中文版本的意願,但需要時間規劃。



希望在這邊能獲得大家的支持,好能進一步獲得Toby Fox製作繁體中文版首肯,甚至在需要的時候在翻譯與程式上徵求幫手。請不要害羞,可以盡情留言,英文留言尤佳(這樣原作者才看得懂XD)。我希望能讓原作者感受到我們充滿決心,讓這款堪稱經典的作品用親近的語言出現在我們面前。  


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