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We, the citizens of the Philippines is signing this petition to appeal to your office to ask for immediate assistance.

There are a lot of Filipino people who have been victimized by online lending apps namely PondoPeso, UPESO, Crazy loan, Handyloan/Cashlending, Paghiram, Pera4u, PeraLending, Cashwagon, MFCash, One Cash, Super Cash, Fastcash/FastLoan/Goodloan/PesoCash, Atome, Peso2Go, Asteria, OnlineLoansPilipinas (a.ka. Moola Lending), Pesoloan, PondoLoan.

Who suffered from humiliations, depression, and believed that their right to privacy has been compromised. There phone contacts has been utilized as collateral informing them about there debts without knowledge and consent to the borrower– falls under Republic Act No. 10173 (Data Privacy Act of 2012). They have been harassed and have been receiving numerous phone calls all day and have been receiving threatening messages everyday (evidences can be provided).

In line with this, they already filed a complaint before at National Privacy Commission (NPC) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). We believe that this has been a known issue for many months and until now no evident action has been taken off to stop these online lending apps from sending unethical messages to all the borrower's contact list. We hereby asking your good office that we may find assistance and justice against these heartless online lending apps.

Up to date, all of the victims are still suffering from depression, emotional & mental stress, living in fear that one day there faces will be presented in all social media platforms as debtors and be scrutinized by people who don't know the real story as they are only victims of these online lending apps.

They  indeed have an obligation that they owe these online lending apps a certain amount of money but because of what they did (invasion of privacy), no amount of money can repay the humiliation and depression they continuously suffered until today. Not to mention all the high interests these online lending apps adding to the money that they owe them. As the victims, they are having a hard time coping up repaying the owing balance due to the astronomical interest applied.

Immediate assistance and response to this petition will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,


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