#STOPGRINDADRAP, the massacre of cetaceans ILLEGAL in Europe!!!

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Citing Sea Sheperd, the association that for years has been fighting for the protection of the seas and oceans : "Every year up to 1,000 whales and other migratory dolphins are hunted and brutally killed by the Danish protectorate of the Faroe Islands in a practice known as "grindadráp" or "grind."

Just think that due to the high pollution of our oceans, whales contain a very high rate of mercury inside their organisms that makes them impossible to eat, transforming this "tradition" nothing but an outburst of sadistic and violent instincts of a group of people that damage our ocean ecosystems and violate our EU rules.

Citing TPI News: "On 22 May 2018, during the first day of hunting, 150 specimens of pilot whales were brutally killed under the eyes of hundreds of people, rushed to "admire" this macabre "show", which is experienced by the locals as a moment of traditional celebration.

Denmark used its own Navy and its own Police Corps to arrest European citizens protesting against the Grindadrap, this is the reason why we want to ask the European Commission for an explanation of how this is possible.

Denmark, a member of the EU, has violated and continues to violate the Berne Convention and the European Directive 43 of 1992, employing its own Police Corps and its Triton Navy ship to arrest environmentalists who demonstrate against the massacre of pilot whales.

We want to put an end to this massacre!!! STOP GRINDADRAP!

Please sign and share our petition right away requesting that the European Commission stop Denmark from continuing to facilitate the slaughter of cetaceans.