To President Trump from the citizens of the country where the atomic bomb was dropped.

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A letter to the president of the country which dropped the atomic bomb from the citizens of the country where the atomic bomb was dropped.

The tension between the United States and North Korea is rising. As a citizen of the only one bombed country, we cannot overlook it at all. Therefore, I wrote a letter to President Trump. Please read and agree.


 Dear President Trump,

I am a Japanese citizen. I understand my country preemptively attacked Pearl Harbor in a sneaky way and inflicted huge damage to your country. I imagine that our country might have started World War II in a criminal way. And at the end of World War II, two atomic bombs were dropped by your country. It was before I was born. After that our country became friends and still now we are.

Do you know that sometimes your people say, "Remember Pearl Harbor", and our people say “No More Hiroshima, No More Nagasaki” .

President Trump, these two sentences are in your language. I imagine that you can feel the difference in the nuances of these two sentences more delicately than we Japanese do.

English is not my language, but as I studied English by our education system after the war, I can understand the meaning of ” Remember pearl harbor”, and “No More Hiroshima, No More Nagasaki”. And although I have less ability of English than your citizens, I feel the difference between these two sentences.

In the word, “Remember”, we can read the will of revenge. But from the word “No More”, we can no longer read the intent of revenge. Please feel the difference of sincere meaning.

North Korea versus the United States, or shall we say North Korea vs the alliance of United States and Japan, I can’t make decision which country is more threatened and which is unfair to others. I think there is not much difference between the two. In that sense, I am also very skeptical about my own government.

President Trump, UN conference adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons on this July 7. Not only the United States but also our country Japan did not agree with this treaty. It was very regrettable.

President Trump, an intelligent man like you can image that an atomic bomb gives us a deadly wound to humanity.

The meaning of “No More” that Hibakusha cried exactly refers to the fact that nuclear weapons bring about the misery of eradicating human species from the earth beyond the misery which we Japanese experienced. The body of a human being disappears in an instant, or the skin of the whole body peels off, or bulge up and no one can distinguish who it is. Nuclear weapons bring about disasters of beyond description to not only the citizens who became their victims but also the whole humankind on the earth.

President Trump, both of your and Kim Jong-un’s remarks on TV were almost like provocative speeches by boxers just before a boxing match.

If it was a one-on-one fist fight, it would be fun to look at no matter how provocative they are. However, the danger of the President of the United States provoking alongside the highest leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea should never be overlooked as a citizen of the country where your country dropped Atomic bomb.

It is true that our country has neglected to build a good friendship with North Korea, and we should acknowledge that we have many problems. However, as a citizen of Japan who underwent the destruction of atomic bombing, we refuse nuclear bombs being dropped on us again or on any other citizens of any countries.

Please grasp sincerely the meaning of the word of “No More” as President of a country which has the experience of dropping atomic bombs. We wish that nuclear weapons will not be dropped above any citizen's heads. Thank you for your continued diplomatic efforts, but not threats.

Yours truly

Azusa Yamaguchi, Japanese citizen

I am thankful to Mr. Akira Nishikiori, Lawyer, Prof. Yoshiaki Ohmura, and Prof. Yasuko Fujie for assisting me with translation of this letter to President Trump.


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