To leaders of the Group of Twenty (G20): To create the Global Peace Science (GPS)

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To leaders of the Group of Twenty (G20): To create the Global Peace Science (GPS)

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GHA Open Letter:
Global Peace Science for G20 and Humanity –

Growth through Peace and for Peace but not for War 

The Letter coauthors are 57 GHA members:
Leo Semashko, Charles Mercieca, Glen Martin, Bruce Cook, Ernesto Kahan, Bishnu Pathak, Madhu Krishan, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Subhash Chandra, Marina Kozlovska, Julia Budnikova, Surendra Pathak, Mariam Khan, Nina Yudina, Heli Habyarimana, Matjaz Mulej, Alexander Semashko, Laj Utreja, Maria Cristina Azcona, N.S.Ravishankar, Vera Popovich, Lida Sherafatmand, Andrew Semashko, Svetlana Kuskovskaya, Svetlana Vetrova, Justo Bolekia, Tholana Chakravarthy, Peter Semashko, Leonid Timoshenko, Igor Shadhan, Dmitriy Delukin, Alexander Subetto, Uraz Baimuratov, Alla Voronova, Maitreyee Roy, Erica Lazarova, Ivan Ivanov, Alla Ivashintsova, Dmitriy Ivashintsov, Zaure Hizatolla, Guy Crequie, Artem Budnikov, Takis Ioannides, Marie Robert, Vladimir Branskiy, Celia Altschuler, Susana Roberts, Manijeh Navidnia, Kae Morii, Hedva Bachrach, Manish Bhatnagar, Kurt Johnson, Nataly Cherkasova, Sarah Mbodj, Apostolos Paschos, Athanassios Koumouris, Subhash Sharma, A. K. Merchant
from 20 countries:
Argentina, Bulgaria, France, Ghana, Greece, India, Israel, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Russia, Rwanda, Senegal, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine, USA

Approved by GHA on August 3, 2013

In English: 
In Russian:

Copyright © 2013 Global Harmony Association
Copyright © 2013 Leo Semashko

For peace-loving citizens:
Sign the GHA Open Letter about Global Peace Science for G20 and all Governments

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A peace based exclusively upon the political and economic arrangements of governments would not be a peace which could secure the unanimous, lasting and sincere support of the peoples of the world, and that the peace must therefore be founded, if it is not to fail, upon the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind. UNESCO Constitution.

Global peace science is a key of intellectual peace solidarity of humanity and general hope of all nations to real peace and prosperity on the Earth. GHA

Harmony will save peace. GHA

G20 Leaders, on the Summit, September 5-6, 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia

Global Peace Science for G20 and humanity.

The GHA proposes to create, under the G20 aegis, Global Peace Science (GPS), one of its variants created by the GHA 8 years ago see below. For this purpose, establish the G20 appropriate work Committee: “Global Peace Science (GPS)” under the leadership of Sherpa and hold a 2014 International Scientific Contest among the more than 400 Peace Research Сenters in the world to find the best option for GPS, with a result to be discussed and approved at the next G20 Summit in 2014/15.

“The G20 agenda is organized around three overarching priorities, aimed at starting a new cycle of economic growth:
- Growth through quality jobs and investment;
- Growth through trust and transparency;
- Growth through effective regulation” (

These are subjected to the criteria of “sustainable, inclusive and balanced growth” as harmonious evolution, spontaneously forming global peace, requiring adequate science (GPS). This science will allow G20 to determine the fourth most important for the survival of mankind priority of growth: growth through peace and for peace but not for war. This priority in the G20 agenda will be a new and constant topic of discussion since 2014, when as a result of the Contest the most appropriate version of GPS will be selected. This priority will provide the highest holism and synergy of active harmonization for all areas of economic growth. GPS will give the G20 working process an additional, intellectual and moral impetus, optimizing and harmonizing this process, greatly expand its formats, and most importantly, subordinating it to the peaceful humanistic dimension and meaning of G20. Meeting the challenges of economic growth within the GPS provides simultaneous steps towards global peace and relevant decision of the most important problem of mankind. This will increase G20’s efficiency and public benefit for the global community to higher level. Global peace is inexhaustible, but so far an unknown resource for sustainable economic growth, which requires a corresponding science. The creation of this science is a modern challenge for the G20 - creating a common language of peace for the nations and governments in a global society for the 21st century.

Dear G20 Leaders,

The GHA appreciates your work on stabilization and development of the global economy and global finance, recognizing that your efforts have the potential to spontaneously foster global peace. We recognize the G20 as the world's first institution, together with the G8, attempting direct global regulation of world economy and finance. Naturally, it’s axiomatic that global peace is a prerequisite for sustainable development on a world scale. Any global armed conflict threatens humanity in, as we know, "nuclear winter", i.e. destruction. This is not a phantom danger - it has been proved by scientists around the world. It hangs like a sword of Damocles over humanity, including the economy with all its finances. In fact, war is more ruinous than any economic and financial crisis. Preparing for a war, as expressed in the ever-growing global arms race and the constant growth of global military spending –is one of the main causes of today’s economic and financial destabilization and the related global crises.

These facts take first place among world challenges affecting potential for global peace. Analysis of the situation - its sources, causes, foundations and actors – through global peace science (GPS) – is a clear challenge for each leader. Unfortunately, this scientific approach has just been created in addition to hundreds of scientific institutes and centers engaged in isolated and fragmented private peace research on national and regional scale, but not global level. But this scientific Rubicon can and must be crossed.

For example, considering military science, D. H. von Bülow’s (Spirit of Modern Military Systems, 1799), developed by Carl von Clausewitz (On War, 1832) and recognized by all governments, which continues now by hundreds of thousands of military scientists and teachers and studies in thousands of military academies, institutes and colleges by dozens of millions of soldiers and officers. With comparison with war science, the absence of GPS is a great intellectual and historical defect of humanity, finding explanations but finds no scientific or moral justification, especially today. If governments have been so eager to embrace military science, then how can they avoid accepting peace science even now, after almost two centuries, if it will be created?

Humanity has long dreamed of such a science. Immanuel Kant wrote about its possibility (i.e. the existence of objective natural source of peace) in his great treatise Perpetual Peace in 1795. He found an objective guarantee of global peace in the "harmony among men" as social nature, “which finally assures peace” ( If there is an objective social nature of peace, then may well be its science.

Kant’s supposition has received scientific development in the GHA, which has developed GPS over 8 years based on the theory of social harmony. GPS is represented in the GHA’s 7 books and 47 projects of social harmony and global peace. The most perfect theoretical expression GPS is found in book: "The ABC of Harmony for Global Peace ...." (2012) by 76 co-authors of GHA from 26 countries: Its empirical expression is found in a new Program of "Comparative Sociological and Statistical Study" analyzing dynamics of spheral classes of the population in India, USA, Russia and Kazakhstan from 1950 to 2010 by decades ( This study is not yet due to lack of funding at $ 60,000). GPS represents itself both as a science, not only of global harmony, but also the science of global justice, global economy, global finance, global prosperity, global law and global democracy. It is expressed by the GPS’s holistic model: "Social Genome of Peace from Harmony" (SOCIONOME: GPS is deeply holistic science, covering the main measures of global peace: economic, financial, political, legal and others.

In this way, GPS moves from solutions of military conflicts to their prevention. All of this is presented in detail in the GHA books and projects, and in the GPS general contour on 4 pages - in the article "Global Peace Science" (

Further, GPS is connected to another important global project: Constitution of the Earth (, which proposes legal democratic regulation of all conditions of global peace: economic, political, financial, and so on. However, the GPS option is based on social harmony - this is one of its options, and its first real example, which does not exclude the other.

As you can see, there are sufficient scientific backgrounds to create the GPS. But this requires the will of world's political leaders, particularly G20 leaders, to organize an International Scientific Contest under the aegis of your Committee. This Contest would be established under the appropriate G20 working committee under the leadership of Sherpa for competition among more than 400 Peace Research Сenters in the world to seek the best option for GPS, with a result to be discussed and approved at the next G20 Summit in 2014/15.

Key conditions of the proposed Contest, from our point of view are as follows:

1. The Contest should be open to any group of social scientists who have proven themselves by publishing Peace Research by at least 5 scholars from no less than two countries without any other restrictions.
2. The Contest will accept scientific texts of projects under the general title: "Global Peace Science" having at least 10 pages and no more than 1,000 pages of electronic and paper versions (perhaps as a book) with a total summary of contents in 4 pages or less.
3. Ideally, each project should include at least the following parts / sections:
3.1. A review of previous peace studies, especially of a global scale.
3.2. Underlying theory of global peace with fundamental concepts defining the objective ultimate causes, natural actors and spontaneous but harmonious sources of global peace.
3.3. Empirical confirmation for the theory of global peace.
3.4. A methodology and main ways to realize the theory of global peace at global, regional, national and local levels.
3.5. A rough estimate of the economic efficiency of the global peace theory.
3.6. Applications of global peace science as the theories of global justice, global law (especially human rights), global politics, global ecology, global democracy, general and complete disarmament, global peace education, harmony between religion and science, global culture of peace, global interfaith harmony and global interspiritual movement.
4. We propose that the G20 Contest Committee develop "Rules of the GPS Contest" with all details, including the necessary funding for research participants in the Contest. This Regulation is approved by leaders of the G20.

The GHA has more detailed proposals so it can enter this Contest, which it is ready to share.

The historical significance of this Contest is that it will be the first global conscious-coupling mechanism of world political leaders, using with GPS as a reasonable and therefore the non-violent key to global peace. Its result may be the establishment of an International Peace Science Institute under the G20 aegis. This Contest will mark the beginning of a new era in human history - the Age of consciously and universally building harmonious global peace on a scientific basis. According to the UNESCO Constitution, not only war but also peace arises in the mind, but only on the basis of relevant scientific knowledge, which opens a new era. This era will be the integrated implementation of the humanity’s fundamental ideas of peace expressed by human genius:

Immanuel Kant: "What has nature done with regard to this end (the design of perpetual peace) which man's own reason makes his duty? That is, what has nature done to favor man's moral purpose…? … Nature guarantees perpetual peace … but … making it our duty to work toward this end, which is not just a chimerical one."

Leo Tolstoy: "In the hands of war are billions of money, millions of obedient troops and in our hands is only one, but the mightiest tool in the world - the truth" (true - it is a science).

Mahatma Gandhi: "If we are ever to have real peace in this world we shall have to begin with the children" (i.e. with children's education in global peace science).

Albert Einstein: "Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding" (i.e. by mind, armed with the global peace science).

Martin Luther King Jr.: "We must shift the arms race into a peace race" (that can be done through global peace science).

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