Help us plant the world’s largest peace garden...

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City Leaders, to cultivate an exciting future it is important for everyone -- especially students -- to support the goals of Peace, Education and the Environment. We are signing this new petition to encourage YOU to improve plans for your proposed ‘Westside Park’ so that it can honor three great leaders of history.

WE, the undersigned supporters who represent every age, gender, religion, race, city, state and nation of Planet Earth... do hereby ask YOU to “plant” a new name by calling it: “Coretta's Global Peace Garden.” Mrs. Coretta Scott King has a peace legacy that is admired around the USA & world, plus she will always remain a great sister in our Global Family.

WE also support naming the proposed new amphitheater after Ralph Waldo Emerson, a great proponent of education. Additionally, we also support naming the new 2.4 BILLION gallon reservoir after Henry David Thoreau who taught many about the environment and the importance of social-action. "Thoreau Peace Pond" is an ideal name.

WE join with many to support transforming this new 350-acre property into:
“The World’s Largest Peace Garden!”

“May Peace Prevail on Earth” and may Atlanta’s global peace legacy ‘grow’ to inspire our Global Family for many generations to come. To a brighter future for all.

WE encourage you, and everyone to sign and 'Share' this DREAM & Petition.

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