Petition for Ms. Tuyet (bà Tuyết)/Mrs. Snow to be relinquished of ownership rights to Mina

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If Ms. Tuyet (bà Tuyết) / Ms. Snow does not voluntarily give up custody of Mina, it is a matter of public opinion that we the People support any legal actions taken by Mina’s rescuers, to fight for the custody of Mina. We are petitioning to declare that Mina stay in the care of and that ownership be granted to any one of Mina’s rescuers; Members of the Phu Quoc Animals Rescue, Duong Hieu, Joey T, or Cứu Trợ Chó Mèo Kiên Giang (Kien Giang Cat Dog Rescue)

Background on Mina: Video clips were shared via social media from locals showing a dog lying on the floor, surrounded by blood. Clips included scenes of a woman cutting off the dog’s right front paw. The incident was recorded on 9/19/17 in Phu Quoc Vietnam, and the clip was reported to have been recorded by a neighbor.

In an interview video, the owner stated that Mina chased her ducks and bit others. In anger, the owner cut off Mina’s front right paw.

Ms. Tuyet (bà Tuyết) / translated to English is Mrs. Snow, is reportedly be the owner of the dog. In negotiations, Mina was taken away for medical treatment by a group of rescuers and an Association. It took 3 days for the people of the Association to be able to take Mina into Rach Gia (mainland) and because Mina’s leg was still strapped with a wire, his leg ended up necrosis and infected.

To ensure the life of Mina, the Association initially agreed to do minor surgery to remove the infected part of the leg infection on 9/22/17 and provided follow-up care of injections; drug infection + infusion + drug Increases resistance.

After seeing his health stabilized, on 9/24/17 Mina was moved to a Sasaki Veterinary Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Mina was provided with a week of wound healing by foreign experts and by the veterinarian medical team using the best medicine. Every option was to retain the rest of his leg.

Unfortunately, all the efforts of the medical staff could not save Mina's leg. The necrotic wound in the skin had spread, which forced foreign experts to consult and it was decided that Mina would have to undergo a major surgery. They decided to remove Mina's wounded leg (his shoulder joint is also removed).

On 10/23/17 a video footage showed Ms. Tuyet (bà Tuyết) / Ms. Snow had come to see Mina and possibly take him home. Mina fled away on his 3 legs from the owner in terror.

Mina is traumatized at the very sight of his owner who had inflicted merciless cruelty onto him. It is in Mina's best interest for Mina to stay in the care of his rescuers in order to receive the best quality of life. We are petitioning that ownership rights for Mina, be revoked from Ms. Tuyet (bà Tuyết) / Ms. Snow and for ownership rights to be granted to any one of Mina’s rescuers; Members of the Phu Quoc Animals Rescue, Duong Hieu, Joey T, or Cứu Trợ Chó Mèo Kiên Giang (Kien Giang Cat Dog Rescue)

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