Stop MN AG Ellison's Legal Action against Northstar Ranch LLC

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31-CV-20-1791 Filed in District Court State of Minnesota 07/31/2020 12:23 pm

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison

Our US Constitution permits the Right to Assemble in protest of Government Action. We demand that you immediately recognize those same rights as they relate to North Star Ranch LLC Protest Activities. We demand that you immediately cease any legal remedy the State of Minnesota believes it may have in this case.

Public protests have long been a basic right of all US Citizens and your action is an attempt to quash those rights.

This event was advertised as a protest: "If people would like to come and protest against this ridiculous Government Over Reach, feel free to do so, I will not stand in the way of peoples 'Right to Assemble.'"

The below-signed citizens demand that the State of Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison, immediately cease and Dismiss with Prejudice, any type of legal action regarding the Protest of Minnesota citizens while at the North Star Ranch in Effie, MN July 24th - July 26th 2020.