Why do we allow people to get AWAY with ANIMAL CRUELTY, LETS END THIS!!!!

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Imagine getting abused for no reason and you can’t say or do anything about it, well that’s how animals feel when they get abused. Animals have feelings too and they are just like us. People that put animals in that position should be punished more than a year in prison or pay more than 3,000 dollars. Senators like Amy Klobuchar need to create/pass tougher laws against Animal cruelty because animals around the world need justice and freedom.

Dog fighting (one of the worst animal cruelty types) started way back in the 12th Century, after the Romans invaded Britain. “The British, thought they lost the war, they turned to the endurance of their dogs, they began exporting them to use in pit fights against larger animals like bulls.  For centuries these fights occurred across Europe until the baiting of larger animals was banned in 1835,(American Humane Society).” The blood sport was brought to other countries including the United States in 2007 . The American Humane society was the first group to serve in promoting and reducing animal cruelty. In the late 1800s, several Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals had been established throughout the United States. These groups have made a big difference and are helping one animal at a time but that still doesn’t stop the horrible people that put these animals through pain.

“Oogy is a cute little Dogo Argentino but has gone through so much in his life. At ten weeks old Oogy was tied to a stake and left as pit bull bait. Oogy’s left side of his face was completely ripped up and the pit bull had taken off Oogy’s left ear. He had gotten bitten extremely hard which made his lower jaw break(Oogy’s Story).” Afterwards Oogy was thrown into a cage to bleed to death because the owner did not want to deal with him. Then a miracle happened, the police came and found him and he was hospitalized quickly, Oogy needed as much help as he could get. After going through many surgeries and surviving the tragesty  Oogy found new loving owners to care for him and all his needs. His tragic story became a bestselling book that inspired the world and increased awareness of the horrible cruelty that is dog fighting. My question is what ever happened to that cruel owner did they face no punishment.

We need animals in our planet because without them life would be incomplete. Animals provide so much for us, some provide us food (like eggs), they fertilize dirt, soil, and grass, they’re our loving companions and are always there when we need them most. Animals also maintain a healthy balance on earth which is very important to keep a healthy environment. Imagine everything that animals provide for us gone, because we are cruel and us them for our needs. Tougher laws need to be made because animals are important and we need them in life but we can not use them to our advantage.

If laws on animal cruelty are made tougher than the world would be a better place. Report animal abuse if you see it. If you witness someone abusing a dog or cat, whether they are physically abusing the animal or neglecting the animal in some way, report it to local animal control. People need to get what the deserve because animals should never be put in situations like that. Animals are people they have feelings and that’s why punishments for the owner should be changed.


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