Dress Code BTHS and St John's County

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On March 26th of this year countless young women were taken out of their learning environment and sent to the dean's office where they were forced to change. All because of the lengths of their shirts, skirts, or the thickness of their straps. This is ridiculous. Many young women were even asked to unzip their jackets so that an administrator could check what they were wearing underneath, and if they did not comply, they were threatened with suspension. Taking young women out of their learning environment to change clothes when they should be in class learning is not reasonable. Especially considering the fact that almost all of the young men out of dress code were simply given warnings. The dress code is clearly based on the sexualization of young women and their clothing, especially since many girls are told they are dressed inappropriately or that what they are wearing may be “distracting” to the boys. It didn’t just start in high school either, many girls have experienced situations like these as early as kindergarten. It is clear the issue here isn’t what kind of clothing the young women are wearing but how others interpret them. If you want to see change at BTHS and in St. Johns County, sign here.