Demand Tiktok ban AntiSemitism.

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TikTok is the new social media sensation that is attracting people from all over the world. A port for mostly youth but open to anyone looking to record a funny video or watch one, especially during these uneasy times. Tiktok is a much needed and used platform that promotes social connection. TikTok SHOULD be a safe space for all to enjoy, but right now, it is not.

That is, it’s become a safe space for most people to enjoy, except for the vast amount of Jewish users being targeted with hate and violent speech.  As a social media platform, Tiktok has not upheld its duty to provide a safe space free from hate and violent speech, resulting in its platform becoming extremely dreadful and increasingly concerning for most Jewish teens. Videos of fellow teens viciously mocking the Holocaust, poking fun of the gas chambers, laughing at Auschwitz. But it doesn't end there, the extensive amount of comments on these videos, or on the videos of Jewish content creators are a scary sight. Comments warning Jewish teens of another Holocaust, wishing to throw them into gas chambers, praising Hitler and an absurd amount of more purely Anti- Semitic, White Supremacist hate speech being poured into the comment section. TikTok, where is the enforcement of your community guidelines against hate speech? 

When Jewish teens decide to take action we are not only met with the reluctance of TikTok to act but censorship of our voices. One of our organizer’s videos was removed when she created a duet opposing the antisemitic video. However, that very Anti-Semitic video remains on the platform. 

The days where Jewish voices are censored and Jewish teens fear because of their identity is no more. We will NOT tolerate this sort of behavior on the part of your organization to not create a safe space for ALL your users.

1. We want clearer community guidelines set against hate and violent speech. 

2. We want TikTok to create a team to enforce these community guidelines against hate and violent speech. This team will be responsible for the reports made and hold the company accountable to themselves and their users. 

3. We want an apology and an acknowledgment from Tiktok regarding the poor job they have been doing thus far to censor hate and violent speech, specifically antisemitism. We also want an apology for their censorship of Jewish voices who have stood up against the antisemitism that the community has faced.  We want TikTok to pledge to work to take down hate and violent speech, specifically antisemitic speech from their platform.