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Anthony Badaloo
London, ENG, United Kingdom

Jul 17, 2018 — Master Tobe Hayden Leigh, has been investigating and exposing injustice against Joe Public, for an number of years. And then, it happened to him.
In the wake to the release of the infamous movie, the Great British Mortgage Swindle, the police are taken on a journey, through the belly of illegal lending practices. The crime is disguised and camouflaged, in the Civil Courts. The criminal cartel, manufacture bogus proceedings, and the system coerces the unsuspecting victims, to engage a member of the Bar Association (Solicitor), who will never question the authenticity of the proceedings, and invariably get huge fake bills, rubber stamped by the “COURT”, to pay for their “RESPECTABILITY”.
Tobe Leigh, like millions victims, is:-

1) Being first labelled a Bankrupt when the Court has not actually issued any Bankruptcy Proceedings against him.

2) This false DATA is widely published, for others to use as justification to exploit him.

3) He is labelled a trespasser in his own home, so that “HIGH COURT ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS” can use violence to throw him on the streets and steal his belongings.

4) Police can be placed under severe duress, by the e-gang, to classify the crime, as a “CIVIL MATTER”.

5) Leaving Tobe no other option, than to go back to the e-gang member in a “CIVIL COURT”, waiting eagerly to dismiss his clear evidence, as being “TOTALLY WITHOUT MERIT”.

6) Then if he challenges the crime, be slapped with a “CIVIL RESTRAINT ORDER”

7) If he then disobey the e-gang, HE will be brought into criminal proceedings, for breaching a “COURT ORDER”, where he may be imprisoned, or even worse, “SECTIONED”.

If you or your love ones, have experienced, or is threatened by the e-gang scam, please send your story, along with this petition, to your MP here www. writetothem. com .

The constitution has to be restored, by the collective effort, of each and every man and woman, who are the true Sovereigns.
By www. ScamBuster. TV

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