Please let Grandpa come home لطفا پدربزرگمان را به خانه برگردانید

Please let Grandpa come home لطفا پدربزرگمان را به خانه برگردانید

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Started by Kamran Foroughi

Note: the petition below was first launched in late 2015 and last updated in summer 2018. Please see the good news posted in April 2020 describing Grandpa Kamal’s return.

My dad Kamal Foroughi is a 78 year old British-Iranian granddad. He is being held in an Iranian prison. He has been denied visitors and critical medical attention for over seven years. 

Amnesty International say that 'his health is deteriorating and he is in need of specialised medical care outside prison'.

We, my dad's family, live in the UK and are terrified he will soon die. He is one of the oldest and loneliest prisoners in Iran. 

Dad has been held in Evin Prison since May 2011, when he was taken in for questioning without an arrest warrant or explanation. In 2013, he was found guilty of espionage.

This has been a terrible mistake. Dad is not a spy, he is a granddad who loves spending time with his family and friends, playing tennis and watching Wimbledon on TV. We have seen no evidence to justify the charge.

Iran usually frees prisoners early for good behaviour. Dad has been eligible for release every day since January 2014 and his behaviour has been impeccable. Despite many assurances, he has not been released and we do not know why.

Our family is distraught. My dad, Kamal Foroughi, has not seen us for over seven years and his granddaughters keep asking "When is Grandpa coming home?"

Please help end our nightmare by signing this petition to encourage the UK Government and Iranian authorities to bring Kamal Foroughi home on compassionate grounds and allow him to spend the rest of his life in peace with his family, where we can look after him.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani, Head of the Judiciary Ayatollah Larijani, Iran: Please show compassion and let Grandpa Kamal Foroughi come home to his family.  

Prime Minister Theresa May, UK, and HR Federica Mogherini, EU: Please continue to treat Grandpa Kamal Foroughi’s case as highest priority in your dealings with Iran.

230,544 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000!