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NHS: Have Specific Appointments for Patients Seeking Mental Health Help

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GPs do not give patients wishing to discuss mental health enough time. Therefore, I propose there be special appointments that are longer than the generalised appointment at a GP be available to mental health sufferers so that they can fully convey the severity of their issues. By only getting a maximum of 15 minutes, you may not be able to convey all your issues and/or the severity of the issues, therefore the treatment offered may not be the desired or most effective treatment method. 


I have twice now visited the GP, only to be told both times that my mental health isn't very serious. Both my appointments lasted less than 7 minutes which is still less than the 15 minute appointments you ask for at the reception. Both times, I felt I wasn't given enough time to speak about the severity of my situations. I have depression, anxiety and anger issues, but both times, I was only given the opportunity to discuss my depression; the GP did not spare a thought to allow me to talk about my anxiety and anger, to which I am sure I would've been offered a different treatment if I was allowed to speak about them. 


After my second appointment, I actually avoided going home and went and sat on the local beach and just cried and cried because, for the second time, I felt as if I wasn't being listened to. Mental health is the biggest killer of men my age, but somehow it's not serious in me? Nice. Absolutely brilliant. Mental health should have equal funding as physical health, and appointments should be, for mental health patients, 30 minutes so that allows proper communication between GP and patient so that the most effective treatment can be recommended. 

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