Justice for Jean Hanlon/Porter’s suspicious death in Crete

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Nichola Lagan
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Jean Hanlon/Porter disappeared on Monday 9 March 2009 and her bruised and battered body was pulled from Heraklion Harbour on Friday 13 March 2009. 

The initial post mortem decreed that her death was an accidental drowning, however after identifying her scarcely recognisable body in the morgue and seeing her horrific numerous injuries, we realised that this conclusion must be incorrect and this was backed up by information we had been told leading up to her disappearance.

Focusing on this awful image together with further personal research, we persisted with the authorities that there was no way this could have been a total accident.  Our diligence and perseverance led them to give us an updated version of their post mortem findings and we were then told that her injuries were such that she would have been dead before entering the water.  She had a broken neck, shattered ribs, punctured lung and showed signs of a struggle.  This information then led to the official final conclusion that her body must have been discarded in the water by persons as yet unidentified.

On a personal level, we know that there was no secondary post mortem done, so we strongly believe that this information was always known and we also believe that the Greek authorities just wanted to dismiss the case as an accident to avoid adverse publicity for the forthcoming summer season

Since then, we have given all the information we have to the authorities in Heraklion and there have been intermittent episodes of investigation that have led nowhere as yet and we feel, with increasing frustration, that they are just not digging deep enough as there are still many unanswered questions and inconsistencies that have not been fully investigated and explored thoroughly. The case was archived in 2015 but was then re-opened after my personal meeting with the Greek Ambassador in London who was very helpful and supportive and who wrote a personal letter, on Embassy headed paper, to the Greek prosecutor giving his support to our case.  On seeing the high-profile support that we had, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office realised that maybe they needed to show willing and offered temporary support on one occasion but this interest has long since dwindled

We found a Greek lawyer who worked tirelessly for us but in mid-2018 he felt that he had done all he could and relinquished the case which has since been archived again by the prosecutor in Heraklion.  We have since spoken to a new lawyer who has advised us that he agrees that there are many unanswered questions and inaccuracies in the case but unless new information/evidence comes to light, there are no actual grounds at present to re-open the case.  We are however fully aware that, according to Greek law, the case will remain filed until 2029 when it will be closed for ever

As this is the 10th Anniversary of Mum’s death, I have put together a memorial video which showcases the highs and lows we have experienced and also to reiterate my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has helped and supported us over the past 10 years. 

10 year memorial

My family and I will never give up until we have answers on what happened to our Mum so this petition is a heartfelt plea for you to view this compassionately and be able to help us in our quest for #JusticeForJean

This petition therefore calls on the Prime Minister, Theresa May and the British Government to:

  • Get the case to be fully reinvestigated and reviewed both in UK and in Greece
  • Liaise with the Greek judiciary to get full and complete translations of all documents relating to the case
  • Get the Greek authorities to look at the inaccuracies and reopen the case
  • Get the FCO to step up and provide support where needed instead of burying its head in the sand
  • Provide more help and support for families who lose a loved one abroad

The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them (Lois McMaster Bujold)