Increase funding for mental health and STOP cancelling/rescheduling our appointments

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People with severe mental health problems are being left to fend for themselves as the excruating waiting time for psychiatrist appointments / talking therapy can be months/years long. Increasingly getting more vulnerable as they're passed around from GP to A&E. I'm making this petition as it affects me directly and SO MANY people in the UK.

I have been waiting since September 2017 for my psychiatrist appointment. It has been rescheduled four times so far. September to January. January to April. April to July. Most recently July to October.  

I'm wanting to enquire about me having Borderline Personality Disorder, it hurts me so much when they cancel and always makes me go into a downwards suicidal spiral. It makes me want to give up. I know that so many others will be familiar with the feeling.

If people out there are hearing voices and they have no diagnosis or suitable medication or support or if they're making suicide attempt after attempt and not getting the help they so desperately need vulnerable people will lose their life.

I really worry for my life. I am scared I will lose it if someone doesn't give me help (which we all deserve even if we may not feel like it). 

It's crucial that more funding goes into this or the suicide rate will go drastically up

Due to lack of funding, the place where I felt most safe and at home (MIND Newark) has shut down. Places like that help so many out. It got me to a positive place in my life and I was going there once a week and then every other week I'd be there twice a week.

As an unemployed young person with poor mental health I can't afford private rates. 

I have complained via PALS about this, but all they will do is offer me another appointment and cancel a day before again. 

I would love this to go to parliament and hear Theresa Mays thoughts on this.

Thanks so much for reading, please help.