NHS England to recognize the need & provide Breast Density Education for women

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Knowing and understanding your breast density can be life-saving.  Dense breasts are not abnormal but dense breast tissue can mask cancer detection on mammography.  About 40% of women age 40 and over have dense breast tissue.  In America, 38 states have passed a law stating that women having mammograms must be given some level of density reporting; 89% of women (USA) live in a state that must provide this information. In Feb 2019, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) passed legislation that in ALL states density information will be required to be provided for women. Tumours show up as white on a mammogram, so does dense breast tissue.  If you have dense tissue it's like looking for a ball of cotton wool in a snowstorm and breast density is a well-established predictor of developing breast cancer. Whilst, mammography can be effective on fatty tissue breasts, it is not as effective on dense tissue and can miss cancers. This can lead to cancers being detected at a later, more advanced stage. Equipped with knowledge about breast density, women can make informed decisions about their breast health.