I am calling for legislation to make the safety of Ponds and swimming pools paramount.

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I'm calling for a change in law to make safety measures reviewed for Ponds and ensuring swimming pools are gated mandatory here in the United Kingdom.

Currently there is no legislation in place to prevent further tragic events happening in homes.

In Australia it is mandatory for lockable fencing to be around Swimming Pools and Spas in your home. 

Laws are intended to protect the safety of young children by restricting their access to the area containing the swimming Pool or Pond.

In August 2010 my son Jack tragically drowned in my garden pond he was just 23 months old. Since his death I have been raising awareness of the dangers of Ponds and swimming pools etc to hopefully prevent further drownings but sadly these deaths are still happening across the world.

There needs to be stricter rules about being able to build a pond in your back garden, at the moment you do not need planning permission to dig a hole, fill it with water and pop in some fish. It is more complicated buying fish to go into the pond than it is to construct a pond.

I want there to be stricter guidelines and even laws on when such a project is constructed especially if you have children under 5 living in your house or living close by. Children are curious and we need to protect them better. I can't change the fact my son isn't coming back but I can hopefully prevent future children from drowning in gardens.

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