Ban Detox Teas #banteatox

Ban Detox Teas #banteatox

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At 17 I was diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia. Detox teas played a role in driving my eating disorder.

These detox teas are rebranded laxatives. I remember one night running to the toilet, fainting and waking up in A&E, not knowing what had happened. I’m now left with long-lasting physical difficulties because of drinking them. 

I don't want more people to go through this. That’s why I’m calling on the UK Government to ban the sale of detox teas.

Detox teas are marketed in colourful packaging, as though drinking them are a small lifestyle choice. The problem is, many of these products contain active laxative ingredients that no-one should be drinking - except for medical needs. 

For example - Senna is the key ingredient in many of these products. It's a strong, natural laxative medication used to treat constipation. But irritates the stomach lining and can cause cramps and diarrhoea, which in turn will lead to dehydration, disruption of the body's electrolyte balance and subsequently can cause serious heart problems.

In spite of this, influencers on Instagram promote these products to millions of young people claiming they 'detox' the body, promote weight loss, reduce bloating and ‘cleanse’ your system in short periods of time. It exerts insecurities about body image and is a danger to young people’s health. 

These teas are toxic and need to be stopped now! Please help me call on the Government to ban detox teas by signing. 

Thank you!