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There are many great petitions out there regarding Julian Assange – which I can all only support and urge You to sign as well –, stating for instance that he shall not be extradited to the United States. So why start another petition? Given the fact that Julians health is deteriorating rapidly, that the decision whether he will be extradited to the US or not will soon take place and that those who are in charge won't listen to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer for even a moment – given these facts, an "army" of Individuals must rise, who will fight the immoral and inhuman crimes and wrongdoings, which Julian Assange has exposed, till the end, no matter what happens to Julian – we owe this to him.

We need to understand, that we are the reason why he is being tortured and why they want him gone. It is often mentioned, that they want to make an example of him. They use him to show us what we can expect, if we speak up, to make sure, that we will not become active. We need to understand what that means in reality, it means, that as long as we stay quiet or take no action he will be tortured, extradited or gone, because our silence shows them that their strategy is working. Even if we speak up for Julians freedom, it still shows them that their strategy is working, as long as our fight for his freedom isn't in the first place an active action, to win the fight itself, to which he is dedicating his life. The day that they realize, that even if Julian is locked behind bars or gone, it will change nothing for them – because there is a whole  "army of minds and hearts" who will bring his fight for truth to victory even if he is gone – that day he will be free. And that is why I decided to start The2020JulianAssangePetition, to show – also in numbers – that this "army" is there.

I myself don't believe in petitions, but I do believe in individuals coming together fighting against crimes, lies and corruption for a future of truth, peace and Freedom, using a petition to state that fact. So please sign and share, lets send out the message, that: We will never ever be silenced! We will never stop fighting until Julian Assange is free and no matter what happens, we will bring this fight, to which he is dedicating his life, to victory.