April 3, 2018
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Premier Ranj Pillai (Premier of the Yukon)
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Started by PJ Yukon

Why this is important!

The 1,000‐Mile Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race is cruel and inhumane. Animals continue to suffer horribly and die in agony in this barbaric event. They need help!

I am asking Yukon Premier Ranj Pillai, former Premier now Klondike MLA Sandy Silver, and the Government of the Yukon to STOP funding and supporting the deadly 1,000‐mile Yukon Quest sled dog race because it fosters the suffering, exploitation, abuse, and deaths of the defenseless animals involved and forces them to be warehoused in large dog yards where they often live unattended on a four‐foot chain twenty‐four hours a day, seven days a week.

The Yukon Quest sled dog race has a high mortality rate including one dog named Boppy The Sled Dog who died racing in minus -55 below temperatures and choked to death on his own vomit. This is a common cause of death in 1,000-mile sled dog races. In 2007 four dogs perished in one race and in the past five years at least one dog has died per race. Even one dead dog is one too many. Long Distance Sled Dog Racing is Inhumane! ~~> Long Distance Sled Dog Racing is Inhumane!    

By funding and supporting this cruel event in which animals die and are treated inhumanely the Yukon Government sends a message to our children that the heartless abuse of a defenseless animal is ok as long as we refer to it as a 'sport'. I am asking the Yukon Government to honour the Malamute that stands so proudly on our Yukon Coat of Arms and cease all funding and support for this barbaric event.

ALERT! It has come to my attention the only animal shelter in the Yukon, the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter, is set to close its doors due to lack of funds and may have stopped taking in animals in need! Meanwhile the Yukon Government continues to dole out hundreds of thousands of tax dollars every year to fund the Yukon Quest in which animals are exploited, abused, and run to death! - That money could be better put to use by funding the local animal shelter and saving the lives of the animals.

Please Sign & Share this petition and make a DONATION to help create awareness of the desperate plight of the northern sled dogs!

This is the reality of sled dog racing: 2020 Yukon Quest!

A short video about life through the eyes of a sled dog.

"Because I am a Sled Dog"

What You Can Do:

Contact the Yukon Government and tell them to stop funding a race that has killed over 40 dogs! Yukon Premier Ranj Pillai: 867-393-7430 and former Premier Klondike MLA, Sandy Silver: Government of the Yukon:

Contact the Yukon Quest Sponsors: Yukon Quest Sponsors and ask them to stop funding animal abuse by supporting an event that's killed over 40 dogs. *I had included a link to the official report detailing the death of Boppy the Sled Dog however that article has since been removed from the website of the Yukon Quest because they don't want you to see it!  ~~> Boppy The Sled Dog <~~ *NOTE: THIS GRAPHIC DISCRIPTION OF THE HORRIFIC CONDITION OF BOPPY BEFORE HE WAS RUN TO DEATH HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THE YUKON QUEST SITE BY THE YUKON QUEST!

"Never forget to tell your dog you love him. He spends his whole life loving you." View video "FOOTPRINTS" by the author of this petition PJ Yukon Poet Laureate of the Yukon Animal Rights Advocate.

66 people signed today
Signatures: 149,815Next Goal: 150,000
66 people signed today
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