The western market-creating extinction towards exotic fruits

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The western market-creating extinction towards exotic fruits

This petition is proudly made by Antoinette Marilyn Go, Alexander Tomi Handoyo, Angelica Vallerie Imelda BR Siahaan, and Anabell Praditya student of 9 Joshua, Saint John Catholic School BSD from our collective concern and love for the preservation of our local fruit.

Written by Antoinette Marilyn Go

Apples, oranges, and bananas are probably the most common fruits that we all know. However have you ever wondered about other kinds of fruit varieties that exist? The tropical climate in Indonesia makes it possible for exotic and rare fruits to grow, unfortunately, these aren't very common that even the majority of Indonesian citizens don't acknowledge the fruits that they have in their country. That shows the big impact the western market has on us, which may make exotic fruits extinct soon since the western market advertises its food and fruits all over the world. Due to that reason, we, as the future generation of Indonesia, are obligated to make our fruits known to the world and keep them away from extinction.

Written by Alexander Tomi

There are a lot of different climates in every part of the world, it can vary from tropical to polar temperatures. This makes it almost impossible to domesticate exotic fruits in foreign countries especially in the cold regions, such as Europe and North America, due to its complicated cultivation and needs for special care to achieve good quality fruits. Exotic fruits are extremely fragile and if they are not transported at its required temperature, they will last only about 3 days. That is one of the reasons why there are fewer people that are interested to conserve our local fruits. The demand in the market is very low. Another barrier to domesticating local exotic fruits is that locals and foreigners have a huge difference in taste. General fruit consumption in Indonesia dropped a total of 51% (24.27 kg) each year from 49.17kg in 2007 to 24.9kg in 2013. In conjunction with that national fruit consumption decreased by 16% in the passing year from 2015 to 2016. The fruit has placed last in the list of top 5 important products that Indonesians see as comestibles (Bahan Pangan), meanwhile, western food has become popular over the past years. Nowadays, western food such as cereals and bread are even placed first in Indonesia’s food chain.

Written by Angelica Vallerie

Major impacts may happen if these problems keep occurring and worsening each year. One of the negative effects is that the majority of Indonesian farmers who operate in planting, and workers who are in charge of selling local fruits will be unemployed. This may result in a dropping economy due to fewer products being sold. Although the worst-case to ever happen is probably that our future generation may not even know about the amazing fruits that we had or even any living proof about it ever existing, due to a larger part of Indonesian citizens that don't preserve their local fruits. If this prediction were to happen, it may also lessen information and education regarding our local fruits to both the people inside and outside our country. 

Written by Anabell Praditya

There are quite a lot of methods that may prevent the extinction of exotic fruits, though the real question is, what is the most effective and efficient way to do it? The most crucial way is to market and advertise local fruits in all of Indonesia’s media, which will increase awareness of our people and both popularity and publicity of our local fruits. Another effective method is to propose partnerships with well-known fruit companies such as Sunpride to become one of our distributors in selling local fruits with great qualities and affordable prices. Exotic fruits are very fragile, they only bloom under strict circumstances. That is where the local Indonesian government has its queue to make an organic and safe pest control and nutrients to prevent fruits from decaying or rotting in an abrupt time period. Indonesian government may also encourage more farmers to pullulate local fruits, however, more consideration has to be made regarding problems that farmers are already facing. Lastly, in order to expand local fruits, both domestically and internationally, there should be more transportation provided that are made to preserve the fruits for longer transport. 

Written by all members

In conclusion, there are multifarious problems that we face, nonetheless, we all may contribute by saving and consuming more local fruits, without a doubt that will immediately have a major impact on the other aspects. If we don’t take any action now, markets will be only filled with homogeneous fruits. Owing to our concern and love regarding the extinction of such amazing and treasurable local fruits, we want to try and get all of your attention to help us achieve our goals by participating in signing this petition. You may only see it as a simple signature but think of all the farmers and our future generation that will be able to relish these fruits. When you do small things right, big things will happen. The future is in your hands and together we can make a difference and preserve local Indonesian fruits. In order for this petition to truly have a humongous impact, we need your participation in signing this petition. Now, are you regretting it yet for not being interested in trying out our Indonesian fruits? What are you waiting for? Sign the petition now!