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Create a short film where Queen Elsa meets Guardian Jack Frost

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First off asking two companies to come together to collaborate in a major film production not only requires great participation and commitment but means taking a risk that could financial hurt either company. My solution? To have these companies-Disney and Dreamworks-take a less financial risk by making a movie short instead of a full blown movie about the Guardian Jack Frost and Queen Elsa.

Now many might ask:What about Helsa, Jackunzel, Hiccelsa, or even Jack with Toothiana? Why this pair?

The answer is simple as to why Jack Frost and Elsa are the perfect lovers that should have their own crossover.

1) In Disney's Frozen, Queen Elsa is consumed with fear of hurting others especially her younger sister Anna. In Dreamworks' Rise of the Guardians, Jack Frost is asked to become a guardian and save the world from the boogeyman. Both characters have plot lines that exclude them from having romantic affairs within their own world. Thus they both need someone.

 2) Both have a younger sister they would go to great lengths to protect. Jack Frost, in attempts to save his sister, Emma, died  in a frozen pond. Elsa, in attempts to avoid hurting her sister, Anna, locked herself away.

 3) Both have experienced isolation. Elsa had spent many years hiding away in her room to keep everyone safe from her powers. She had grown up staring at the world through her glass window never letting herself feel. Jack Frost, after dying, was resurrected by the moon to become the winter spirit. The catch was that only those who believed in him could see him. Since no one believed in the Jack Frost this young man spent years wondering the world alone unable to make physical contact with people.

 4) They both look like they were physically made for one another. Both have light or pale complexion, blue eyes, white or almost white hair, and a signature smirk.

 5) These  two are fitting opposites. Jack Frost is the Spirit of Winter whose center is Fun. He enjoys pulling pranks for a good laugh or making snow days to play around. Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a serious girl that responsibly follows the rules with maturity. Elsa has recently opened herself to the idea of enjoyment with her sister Anna yet being Queen means most of her time must be spent in a solemn manner.

These two protagonist characters, contrasting in personality yet correlating in back stories, manufactures a beautifully tragic love story like: Romeo and Juliet, Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, Nora Grey and Patch, or even Percy and Annabeth. Queen Elsa and Jack Frost were made for each other yet exist within two different companies.  These two must come together. They must have a love story, but first they need the chance to meet .a.k.a give them a short film to do so.

Give Jelsa that chance by telling Disney and Dreamworks to take a leap of faith. Show these companies the Fans deserve a voice by signing this petition.

 "We know what we made. But at the same time I feel like once we had the film over, it belongs to the world, so I don't like to say anything, and let the fans talk. I think its up to them."-Jennifer Lee (Frozen's film writer and director).

“Yeah, you know, there’s a lot of different things we can do to get into this movie in a different way.”-Peter Ramsey (Rise of the Guardians director).

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