Disney/Marvel/Universal, Give Mark Ruffalo's Hulk A Solo Movie!

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Last night, I had the honour of viewing Avengers: Infinity War. Fucking brilliant! Logan didn't make me cry but this almost did. Given that, I was shocked by the lack of Hulk in it. Seriously, people say The Incredible Hulk and Ang Lee's Hulk "lacked Hulk", meanwhile those two films feature more Hulk in them then the first Avengers. Hell, Age Of Ultron and Ragnorok are the only other MCU films that feature the same amount of Hulk as Edward Norton and Eric Bana's films, if not, more. Also, The Incredible Hulk logically showed the same amount of the enormous green rage monster as Thor 1 and Ragnorok showed Thor's hammer/abilities; as Iron Man 1, Ant-Man and Black Panther showed their respective suits. I know neither Norton or Bana's films made a lot of $ in North America, which apparently means same thing will keep happening, but ever since The Avengers, people have been begging for an Incredible Hulk 2.

People say that Hulk works better in film when he's with his fellow Avengers. That would solve the Hulk 2 problem completely. Homecoming and Ragnorok had Spider-Man team-up with Iron Man and Thor team-up with Hulk and (SPOILER ALERT!) Doctor Strange. Ant-Man had the title character go head-to-head with Falcon. Even Civil War had the majority of the Avengers invade Captain America's third and final chapter. That's how the Universe was ever since 2012. They could have Hulk team-up with Black Widow (a love triangle scenario between Bruce, Betty and Natasha would be perfect for Hulk 2) , War Machine (with his own Hulk Buster), Scarlet Witch; Korg and Miek from Ragnorok. Hell, once Disney buys 20th Century Fox, a new MCU Wolverine could be a potential candidate. Wolverine did first debut in the Hulk comics issue #181. If Marvel Studios introduces Wolverine into the MCU, Hulk 2 would be perfect for his debut.

Film rights aren't an obstacle. They never were. The scenario is different from Sony with Spider-Man (that's been resolved since 2016) and 20th Century Fox with X-Men and Fantastic Four (Disney's buying Fox), whereas Sony and Fox own the film production and distribution rights to their respective properties, while Marvel Studios owns the film production rights to Hulk and Universal Pictures owns the right of first refusal to pick-up the distribution rights to any potential solo Hulk films Marvel Studios should decide to produce. First refusal. Meaning, Marvel has to first offer said rights to Universal before Disney can snatch them up. And because Mark Ruffalo is a DAMN awesome Hulk, there's zero chance Universal would refuse, so they may as well own the distribution rights completely. Furthermore, that only comes into effect if Hulk is the central character. So, when Hulk appeared in the Avergers movies and Thor: Ragnorok, Universal had zero claim over the distribution rights (read this). Disney probably wouldn't want a rival film studio earring distribution revenue off a movie financed 100% from "Di$ney Dollar$". Spider-Man is different because Sony owned production and distribution rights both and Columbia Pictures financed at least 50% of Homecoming's budget. Disney didn't even have any ownership of the distribution rights. The very end credits read "Released by" with the Columbia Pictures logo and Sony byline underneath and the opening credits read "Columbia Pictures presents a Marvel Studios/Pascal Pictures production" not "Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios present". Staying on topic, Marvel can produce a Hulk movie regardless of whether Disney or Universal distribute. Have so even after the 2009 Disney buyout. Paramount still released Iron Man 2, Thor 1, and Captain America: The First Avenger in 2010-2011. Paramount was originally gonna do the same for Avengers 1 and Iron Man 3. Then Disney bought the distribution rights from Paramount for $150m and the later still got 8-9% of the worldwide box office profits of both films, with their logo and studio credit in the films. "Marvel Studios presents in association with Paramount Pictures" and the very end credits read "Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures." There's the answer right there. Disney could just give what they gave to Paramount to Universal as well. "Marvel Studios presents in association with Universal Pictures". Hell, I'm surprised Disney didn't trade the sequel rights to M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable for Universal's Hulk film distribution rights. Then Universal and Blumhouse could've produced Glass with no strings attached. With Disney buying Fox, maybe Disney could trade Fox's distribution rights to DreamWorks Animation's 2013-2017 films. Probably not. Universal may buy them from Fox before Disney-Fox merger is official. Also, the rights would eventually expire and transfer to Universal anyway, so there'd be no point.

Hulk CAN work as a solo film. Kevin Feige himself said he believed Hulk had potential for another solo film. With Bruce Banner's character arc within Ragnorok and the Infinity War films, Hulk has potential for more screen time as proven in Ragnorok. Once Infinity War Part 2 arrives, Hulk may likely have more to work with for a solo film. Introduce She-Hulk and/or a new MCU Wolverine. Maybe even Skaar and Hiro-Kala (with flashbacks of Hulk's gladiator days on Sakaar during the events in between Age Of Ultron and Ragnorok), then they'd have to introduce Caiera and/or Jarella in said flashbacks, which would further complicate the love triangle scenario I mentioned earlier between Betty and Natasha. Reveal more detail about Bruce's past. Maybe Brian Banner (the inspiration behind Nick Nolte's character in Ang Lee's film. Maybe have him become Absorbing Man like in Ang Lee's film or the Devil-Hulk like in the comics), or maybe that'd be too dark. I'd hope they'd cast Sean Bean. Have Hulk go up against the Leader and Abomination (hopefully Tim Blake Nelson and Tim Roth reprise their respective roles, but Hugo Weaving not returning, SPOILER ALERT, casts some doubt), Ross become Red Hulk, and Leader kidnap Betty and transform her into either the Harpy or Red She-Hulk like in the comics (I'd laugh if Betty finding out about Bruce and Natasha would be what'd trigger a Red She-Hulk transformation). The Incredible Hulk: Raging Red. That'd be a killer title. Or just The IncREDible Hulk. (...I'm sorry.) War Machine could pilot his own Hulk Buster, if Iron Man doesn't. Speaking of, Iron Man, Thor and Captain American all had exactly three solo films each. If Infinity War Part 2 does kill them off, then another potential title for a second or third Hulk film would be The Incredible Hulk: The Last Avenger. As a parallel to Captain America: The First Avenger. Because Hulk would then be the last of the original four Avengers in that scenario. More potential then most people think.

I read in a few articles Universal has theme park rights to several Marvel characters, as another strain between Marvel and Universal. That's a separate issue. Resolve it some other time. We don't give a shit about that. It's the films we care about more. Disney, please give Universal for Hulk 2 & 3 the same thing you gave Paramount for Avengers 1 and Iron Man 3. Marvel, give Mark Ruffalo his own Hulk movie. It's been 10 years already. Please don't prolong it further.

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