No Transphobia At University. Condemn Prof. Patrick Parkinson.

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Professor Patrick Parkinson is the current Dean of Law at The University of Queensland. Recently, Parkinson compared transgender people to the coronavirus, declaring it an "epidemic." Previously, he has compared transgender and gender diverse people to those with eating disorders, campaigned against LGBTQIA+ adoption and has ties to Freedom For Faith and The Australian Christian Lobby, an organisation known to vilify LGBTQIA+ people. 

The School of Law should not be figureheaded by an individual who does not uphold discrimination, vilification and human rights protections. Further, it is highly unprofessional to breach The University of Queensland's official policy on LGBTQIA+ people, especially when transgender and gender diverse people work and study at the institution. 

Prof. Parkinson's transphobic commentary in his personal life is inextricable from his role as Dean of Law at The University of Queensland, and as such he must be made professionally accountable for this misconduct.

We call for Prof. Patrick to cease and desist his discriminatory, vilifying behaviour or to be removed from The University of Queensland. 

What does The University of Queensland state regarding LGBTQIA+ people?

LGBTIAQ+ inclusion at UQ

UQ is committed to developing and maintaining a safe, positive and inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, and queer/questioning (LGBTIAQ+) people that is free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.
We value and are committed to the diversity of gender, sex and sex characteristics, and sexuality among our staff, as demonstrated in the UQ Strategic Plan.

  • the UQ Ally Network
  • educating staff on gender, sex and sexuality diversity inclusion through Ally workshops and other resources to create a well-informed and inclusive UQ community
  • policies that use a definition of partner and families that is inclusive of same-sex partnerships and family units
  • policies, informed by legislation, that demonstrate UQ’s strong commitment to removing any barriers that LGBTIAQ+ community members may face
  • support for gender affirmation/transition in the workplace
  • events to celebrate and recognise national and international days of significance
  • gender-inclusive categories in HR systems.

    However, when confronted, Mr David Lavell, Associate Director of the 'Integrity & Investigations Unit' at UQ responded with the following;

     Firstly, Professor Parkinson has made it clear that his comments were made in a personal capacity. His comments are therefore not those of the University of Queensland. Secondly, Professor Parkinson has expertise in the field of child protection and family law. He is therefore, based on the principles of academic freedom, able to participate in public debates in these areas. It is also open for him to participate, in a personal capacity, in public debates about political and social issues...thank you for taking the time to raise this matter with me."

    There is nothing academic about the vilification, discrimination and dehumanisation of transgender people, let alone other demographics. This response from The University of Queensland is unacceptable. 

We call on The University of Queensland to condemn Prof. Parkinson's commentary, and for the Professor and the university issue an official apology to the transgender and gender diverse community.

We call on the staff at The School of Law to publicly support transgender and gender diverse students, staff and wider public, and to condemn Prof. Parkinson's commentary

We call on students of the University of Queensland to protest Prof. Parkinson's appointment as Dean of Law and on campus, for that matter.

We call on law students to write to The School of Law, and The University of Queensland condemning the continual transphobic commentary by Prof. Parkinson.

We call on Prof. Parkinson to publicly apologise for comparing transgender people to an 'epidemic', and request that he cease commentating on transgender and gender diverse people, focusing only on his professional, objective area of law. We request that he treats LGBTQIA+ staff, students and the public with the same respect as his ideological familiars.

Where is the proof of Prof. Parkinson's transphobia?

compared transgender youth to the coronavirus

SOURCE: 'Health chiefs can't ignore global epidemic of transgender teens' 

"With the coronavirus dominating the news, Queensland’s health authorities have been urged to confront an under-reported global contagion involving troubled teenage girls declaring they are “born in the wrong body". University of Queensland law dean Patrick Parkinson, speaking in a personal capacity, conceded authorities would be worried and busy with the coronavirus but said the explosion in transgender-identifying teenagers, chiefly girls, was “another epidemic” — one that had “so far escaped public attention”.

compared transgender teenagers to those with eating disorders

SOURCE: 'University of Queensland academics sign open letter countering law Dean's trans comments'

“...a crisis of conscience may arise from a genuine belief that it is not in the best interests of the child or young person to affirm his or her transgender identification, any more than it would be in the best interests of an adolescent girl with an eating disorder to affirm her body image as overweight,” 

“This paper has endeavoured to show just how many of the ideas strongly promulgated by some in the transgender movement are based upon unscientific beliefs, or otherwise beliefs and values that science can neither validate nor disprove."

published a paper delegitimising transgender people

SOURCE: "Gender Identity and Religious Freedom"

"The overwhelming evidence from all the research is that so many of the adolescents who present at clinics, or indeed those who identify at school as transgender and have not yet sought specialist medical treatment, are profoundly troubled young people with multiple mental health issues and histories of family dysfunction. "

"...we may regard being “non-binary” as a statement of belief, not a statement of fact; and we are likely to reject the falsehoods involved in rewriting birth certificates to state something which is not an accurate history of the known facts concerning gender..."

There are more examples of anti-LGBTQIA+ sentiment by Professor Parkinson, namely during the marriage equality debate and the Safe Schools program.