Stop ripping off Students and Bring back the £1 Bus fare

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The bus service contract agreement entered into by respective party's; Falmouth University, The University of Exeter and First Bus Kernow has effectively ceased the agreements purpose of subsidising bus travel between Penryn and Falmouth. This will make it much more expensive for the average student to procure sustainable transport to and fro university; in some cases it will be cheaper for students to drive.

Earlier this year the University of Exeter and Falmouth University declared a climate emergency. This latest development completely contradicts this - we should be doing everything we can to encourage the use of public transport, not the opposite.

We appreciate that the offer of subsidising up to £50 in transport costs has been made, but over a year this is simply not enough for most students.

This is irresponsible an environmental level, and also will unfairly impact those students who's budget is already a struggle.

We therefore call upon the University to remedy this mistake as soon as possible in line with its commitment to operating this campus in a sustainable manner, as well as its commitment to student welfare. The University needs to adhere to its environmental commitments, as well as ensuring less well off students are not further financially burdened by the change in how this subsidy application is organised: Change the Student Bus fair back to £1