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Jack was born on March 28, 2007 in Blue Island, IL. Jack's parents were never married and for a very short time, Jack lived in Ireland until his Mom couldn't take any more abuse from his father. In fact, a Cook County judge found Jack's father to be "clearly abusive." Jack and his Mom, Mary, are both American born citizens and have been living in the Chicago area for the last 4 1/2 years. Jack's father recently filed the Hague Convention to force Jack and his Mom to move to Ireland where they would have to turn over their American passports, live in 3 mile radius of the village of Ballymurphy, not having any say is where her child attends school, and would be passed back and forth between his parents every 24 hours and is not to be removed from Ireland thereafter! On June 14, a Federal Judge declared that Jack's father did not have a case and therefore Jack and his mom would not have to go anywhere. However, the following Tuesday the same judge completely reversed his decision and ordered that they both return to Ireland by July 9. Jack's family have appealed this decision and are awaiting a hearing schedule. This case has been in litigation since early 2008 and has cost Jack's family hundreds of thousands of dollars, all while Jack's father has received FREE legal representation! His grandparents have spent their entire retirement fund and it is clear that this case will probably end up in the United States Supreme Court. Orland Park is the only home Jack has ever known. He attends the same school his Mom and his aunt did, he plays baseball for the local athletic association, he is loved by all who know him and is so happy.  

Jack is now is a desperate situation and has been removed from his home.  On July 10th, Jack was forced by court order, under the threat of US Marshals to his mother, to go to Ireland and to be handed over to his father.  Jack's grandmother accompanied him on the long journey and upon arrival, they were escorted off the plane by memebers of the police to a back exit of the airport.  They were not allowed to leave the main entrance where members of the Irish press were waiting in the arrivals hall.  From the police station in Santry (Dublin), they were brought to the Four Courts in Dublin, Ireland's high court, and presented in front of a judge.  His father was present, with council, and requested the court hear his claim to immediate and FULL CUSTODY!  The judge thankfully denied hearing such claim after Jack's grandmother said there was still an ongoing litigation in the United States.  They had just gotten off an very emmotional 8 hour flight and the father couldn't simlpy pick Jack up from the airport.  Instead, Jack and his grandmother were immediately dragged to court in a police car.  The father's American lawyer, David Schaffer (Naperville, IL), had previously said to our lawyer that "no one desired to see Mary Redmond in jail."  However, the grandmother received a court order that if the grandmother were to bring the child over to Ireland, she was not to be arrested.  Conversely, If the mother were to bring the child over, she was to be arrested and made to appear at a hearing at 10:50am.  HAD SHE GONE, SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED AND HELD INDEFINITELY IN CONTEMPT, unable to continue her fight for him here in the United States.  When she left in 2007 with the child, there was no pending court case, she had 100% rights to him and she told the father she was going to Chicago.  

On July 10th, Jack's story was broadcast on the local Chicago news: CBS (ch. 2), NBC (ch.5), ABC (ch.7), WGN (ch.9).

Jack and his family need your help!

How you can help......
Please take time to contact your politicians, both locally and in congress to voice your opinion about this situation! They need to be made aware of the unreal violation of American rights!

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Jack and his family thank you for any and all support you can offer!!

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