Build a memorial for all those who died of Covid-19

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The Government keeps talking about the current crisis with the language of war. We have to "fight" it. It's an invisible "enemy". If you survive the virus you're a "fighter". That's all rhetoric.

What is true is that people are dying and there is incompetence and ineptitude all around from those who lead us. Meanwhile, the British public are mostly doing the right thing by self-isolating, and those who are actually dealing with the sick, or providing our food, working in food shops, or doing other essential services are putting themselves at risk. 

Some of them have died. Many of our loved ones have died. Many more will die before this is all over.

So I am calling for a National Monument to everyone who dies of Covid-19. Preferably with every single name of everyone who died inscribed on it. If you want to treat it like a war, you have to treat the aftermath like the aftermath of a war.

So we may never forget them.