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Ban the sale of ivory within Colorado

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Elephants need your help. And they need it now!

A hundred years ago five million African elephants roamed the wild.  Today, there are fewer than 500,000 African and fewer than 40,000 Asian elephants remaining; 100,000 were killed by poachers in the last three years alone. At this rate, elephants will likely be extinct in the wild within 10 to 15 years.

Poachers are slaughtering these majestic creatures for their tusks, which are used to make ivory trinkets for a rapacious world market. More than 35,000 African elephants are being killed for their ivory every year; 96 elephants a day.

Appalling as the slaughter of innocent, highly intelligent animals for trinkets, is, the impacts on people are equally horrific. Money from illegal poaching and illicit trade directly funds terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, the Janjaweed, and the Lord’s Resistance Army who kill, enslave, and terrorize thousands of defenseless people and destabilize vulnerable nations. As elephant populations dwindle, the price of ivory rises, and so will the terror the ivory trafficking engenders. To stop the senseless slaughter of elephants and the rising tide of terror and destabilization, the world needs an international ban on ivory trafficking.

Two simple questions are before us:

1. Is a world with wild elephants better than a world without them?  

2. Do we want to be the generation that stood by as elephants were driven into extinction or do we want to be the generation that stopped it?

Ivory Free Colorado calls on the State of Colorado to do its part and ban the sale of ivory within Colorado by 2016. By doing so, Colorado not only joins with the states of New York and New Jersey in banning the sale of ivory, but also sends a strong and clear message to Congress to do the same. 

Please sign this petition! Get everyone you know to sign it as well!

Thank youby taking action at the state level, you are forging change at the national and international levels! You are helping to save a world with elephants and for our children and grandchildren, and you are also taking direct action against terrorism.

Today: Ivory Free is counting on you

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