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Grant "Strategic Release" to Abdul Olugbala Shakur

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The concept of “Strategic Release” has been developed by the New Afrikan Independence Movement (NAIM). As opposed to “compassionate release” which can occur for reasons of terminal illness or disability, so that the person poses no threat to society, “Strategic Release” refers to parole, pardon or clemency based on the positive impact the prisoner has already had on their community and society, and will continue to have upon release. It is based on a prisoner’s work and proven record of service to the community and society as a whole from within the prison. Petition for such release is based on a prisoner’s demonstrated commitment to solving the ills of society by working directly with the people and community. Experience has shown that success flows from working with the People rather than the government and law-enforcement, building restorative justice among the people. For the past 25 years, Brotha Abdul has consistently served the Afrikan-Amerikan community, and has been at the forefront in combatting gang violence and other criminality in the Black community.

This is Brotha Abdul’s first time in prison. He has served 33 1⁄2 years, the last 32 years in solitary confinement due to his political activities, which have not stopped despite his isolation. Strategic Release will reflect the highest threshold of rehabilitation by the individuals released insofar as the social justice programs fostered and built by such a Prisoner will already have constituted the height of social restitution to the communities wronged by their past transgressions. His work with the black community through his contribution have had a direct impact on reducing crime, and on reducing the social inequities at the root of criminality.

We call upon people to support for Strategic Release by signing this petition.

Abdul Olugbala Shakur represents the best role model for Strategic Release, both in his tireless commitment to improving the daily lives of people in his community, but more so through the broad body of creative and instructive work he has developed and to which he has contributed. His body of work is the best proof we can offer to support this assertion. His release will have a major positive impact on the Black community, and on society as a whole.

Here is a link to one of many of Brotha Abdul's projects, the George Jackson University.

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